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Free Pest / Roach Exterminator Quotes

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Free Pest / Roach Exterminator Quotes

Roach Exterminator

Photo provided by WIKI

Well, most exterminators are considered pest exterminators. With that said I assume some may be better at exterminating roaches than others.

As is with most cases, people have different opinions of different companies. There are several companies out there to do business with but for the most part they all offer the same service and products just under different names.
I will list a couple of the more know names in this article after I introduce you to our free roach exterminator search engine.

This is a service that is free of charge and allows you to have exterminators, whether for roaches or any other pest to contact you in a specified way. You can request to be contacted by email or phone and at a specified time of day.

This services as mentioned above is free. You can talk to professionals and ask questions that you may have without having to be obligated for treatment. Again, it does not cost you anything to use our search engine.

This will put you in contact with pest or roach exterminators in your local area. This gives you an opportunity to talk to people and get prices before hand. Find out who charges to come out and give evaluations and who doesn’t.

We want you to save money when getting an exterminator to come out and check your residence or place of rental. Whether it be a house or apartment, most exterminators are well equipped for the job.

As with anyone you deal with, If they do not come to your place in a company truck, such as something with a name or magnetic sign of the company on the side, always ask for identification before you give them access to your home. Some smaller businesses, such as independent contractors may not have company logo’s on their trucks.

A couple of well know pest and roach exterminators are:



Most other roach exterminators are going to be independent contractors. That does not mean they will be less detailed or give you inferior service to these nationally know companies. It just means many of them do not that the resources to advertise as the two I listed do. The newest site I found with some very good roach related articles is, Roach Treatment. Com.

I have been an independent contractor for nearly 15 years and know several others who give excellent service. Some of us give better service because we are independent contractors and want your business much more than the nationally know people do.

Roach Exterminator

Photo by: WIKI

So, what is a roach exterminator? It is a person who whether they work for themselves or a company will come to your place of residence and do a walk through of your premises and check for dropping and roach debris. They can usually tell from certain criteria just how bad the infestation is and can give you and idea of how many treatments it may take to rid you of them.

Yes, depending on the infestation it can take more than one or two treatments. Roaches are not the easiest creatures in the world to get rid of but they can be eradicated. Unless you are ready to get into the nitty gritty of roach elimination, I suggest you give some of your local folks a call.

Roach Exterminator

Photo provided by WIKI

Some common Household Cockroaches include from the photo above.

A) German Cockroach

B) American Cockroach

C) Australian Cockroach

D) Oriental Cockroach

E) Unknown

When you decide to get a roach exterminator to come to your home, be sure they seem to be very informed and ask them questions such as:

  1. How and why they think the roaches are where they are.
  2. How long it will take to get rid of them.
  3. What species they are, some are harder to ill than others.
  4. What kind of warranties they have, if you haven’t already covered this during your previous communications.
  5. Whatever comes to mind, ask. It is your money and property being used.

Thank you for reading our article on “What is a Roach Exterminator”? We hope we have been a service to you and that find a way to rid yourself of those pesky roaches, whether it be your own efforts or the efforts of someone you find using our search engine!

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