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Healthy Egg Production

Are you looking for Healthy Egg Production?

Chicken Review knows that most Chickens, especially urban chickens are bought for egg production. Fresh eggs are by far superior to the store bought one in taste appearance and freshness. Depending on the breed you can get up to possibly 10 eggs a week from a good layer.  All this depends on some items we will share here.





First, the Chicken Breed: makes a huge difference. Some chickens are just not good layers and are bred primarily for meat. Such is the Broiler. But lucky for us there are a few breeds that lay those 10 eggs a week for you. The prolific laying hens include, Rhode Island White and Red, Leghorn, Faverolles and the Deleware. Of course, there are more breeds that are good laying hens and Chicken Review will be listing them in future articles.

Chicken Review is still posting reviews on the birds and will have them updated shortly. These are terrific birds for egg production.

The Chicken Age: This makes a difference also. The ideal situation is to be able to pick your chickens out! Chickens start laying eggs between 4 – 6 months old. If you are purchasing your first chickens as little chicks know you will need to feed them for those first 4-6 months without any egg production. If you can pick up some healthy laying hens around this age you can bypass the raising part and get right into the egg production part. The age of the hen also determines her laying capacity. Most hens start dropping in production around 6 years old. Some can lay into their teens. Depending on how you care for and feed them.

Chicken Review will be doing more post on the age and condition of chickens in the near future!

The Environment: All laying chickens are affected by the environment! If you live in an area where the summers get very hot and humid, your chickens need plenty of shade and air. It is important to have a large enough chicken pen to accommodate your hens so they are not crowded and plenty of air circulation get in or allow them out so they can find shade on their own. Doing this will encourage them to continue laying through the hot months. If you want egg production through the fall and winter you may want to consider heating or lighting your chicken house or coop.



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Egg photo courtesy of W.W. Works

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