Cornish Rock Breed A great Meat Bird

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The Cornish Rock Chicken Breed is a chicken that originated in Cornwall England and is known as the Indian Game Bird. Cornish Rock Chickens and crosses of this bird are one of the most used in the chicken meat industry. They produce weight fast and are extremely tasty birds! You will find them in your supermarkets and grocery stores and always priced higher than your other chicken meats! They are the best of the best chicken meat!

The Chicken pictured is the Dark Cornish Hen. This hen will lay between 150- 180 dark brown eggs a year. Some even less. She is not the best egg layer but so so.

The Cornish Rock Breed will grow fast and meaty for your table.

Cockerels weigh typically around: 8 lb.
The Roosters typically weigh around: 10 lb
The Pullets weigh around: 6 lb
the hens weigh around: 8 lb.

The Dark Cornish Rock are:
Excellent foragers
Excellent mothers
Calm but typically not great as pets .
These can be very broody at any time of year.

This is not the Cornish Game Hen! The Cornish Game hen is a fast growing bird that will mature to eating age in about 28 – 30 days and will weigh around 2.5 lb when ready to slaughter. (Read the Wikipedia insert below)

The Cornish Game Hen are heavy, muscular birds that require little feed if allowed free range.

I found this following information on Wikipedia The Makowskys began cross-breeding the Cornish game cocks with various chickens and game birds, including a White Plymouth Rock Hen and a Malayan fighting cock, to develop the Rock Cornish game hen, a succulent bird suitable for a single serving.

Cornish Rock White

A great article on the Cornish Rock Cross is located here at, Raising Cornish Cross Chickens, Queen of the Red Doublewide

The White Cornish Rock that the article above features are strictly raised for meat production. Homesteaders love these chickens as they put lots of great tasting meat on their tables!

The chicken you buy in the grocery have been crossed with these wonderful meat birds to enhance the taste.

If you are growing birds for meat, this would defenantly be on of my yard birds! Most pullets will dress out 5 lb for you in around 8 weeks!

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