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Natural Ant Killer Remedy ~ Make Your Own!

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Natural Ant Killer Remedy

Natural Ant Killer

As you navigate through our Blog you will find several different Tips & Tricks on a veriety of items. Just like this Natural Ant Killer, some will be tips to help you save money, some will help you save time or your sanity! 🙂

They may or may not be traditional ways but if used they will meet our goal, providing you with some terrific Tips & Tricks!

This is a LOW COST Tip and method to get rid of ANTS once and for all.

This Natural Ant Killer is free of pesticides and much cheaper again, Saving you Money and making you happy! We like saving money here at Back Roads Living. If we can pass it along to you so much the better.

The ants can be devistating to you, your home and garden! They are trluy pest and will drive you batty! I may do a post on bats sometime but not included in this post. 🙂 I have had to deal with ants so many times! I hate them!

There are now ant killers on the market that are Ecosmart and many work pretty good. Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer is a wonderful natural ant and crawling insect killer. It is also an item used for Chickens also!

Please read note below!

Ingredients for: Natural Ant Killer


  1. Mix the Sugar and Boric Acid together and slowly add the warm water, stirring all the time so the mixture will not get lumpy.
  2. Store is in a sealed jar and whenever you see ants simply take a used soda bottle or milk jug lid.
  3. Put a cotton ball in the lid and saturate the cotton ball with your sugar and boric acid mixture.
  4. It will not take much, just enough to fill the lid, if you spill any over the edge leave it, this will only attract the ants even more.

Note: Keep this and all potentially harmful insect killers out of the reach of children and pets!

If you don’t think you can eradicate them yourself or need help, yo can use our FREE QUOTES PAGE to find local professionals that can assist you. This service is free at absolutely no charge to you. Find local professional exterminators and get quotes. They will only contact you as you specify and when you specify. The choice is yours and you are never under any obligation! Check them out below!

One of our followers on Instagram uses boiling water for Fire Ants. She keeps two kettle of water on her stove and has one boiling at all time to pour down the mounds on here homestead. This is a natural way to get rid of ants without any chemicals also!

It is time consuming and labor intensive but you avoid all chemicals! This is as natural as it gets!

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