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Dominicker Chicken Breed

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Dominicker Chicken Breed

The Dominicker Chicken Breed, a good Dual Purpose Bird!

The Dominicker Chicken Breed it actually named Dominique. The name has been tossed around and I doubt if anyone can really tell or know when the term Dominicker started being used. These are beautiful stately chickens and are some of the older ones that was brought over during colonial times to New England from their original homes in The country of England! 

These beautiful birds have been raised all over the country as they are very good laying hens and good meat sources also! The Dominiker Chicken was valued for it’s feathers in colonial times as well as for many years following for the feather pillows, mattresses( also known as Tick Mattresses).

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As stated above the Dominicker Chicken Breed is a dual purpose bird that lays large brown eggs, 3+ a week and makes great table meat. The variety in this is the “Barred”. They are often called Barred Rocks but they are different from this chicken.

The Dominicker has a rose comb and the Barred rock has a single comb. ¬†This bird has a very pretty pattern called “Barred” or sometimes called “Hawk” pattern. The Dominicker pattern is usually not as defined as the Barred Rock having some mottled places in them. The black / white contrast is not as sharp on the Dominicker as it is on the Barred Rock either. The white on the Dominicker tends not to be a bright as the Barred Rock.

Dominicker Chicken Breed 1

This Dominicker Chicken breed matures pretty early and will begin laying her big brown egg at round 6 months old.

The birds weight:

  • Rooster grown: 7lb
  • Hen grown: 5lb

The Dominicker is a very good bird:

  • They make good mothers.
  • They are good foragers.
  • They are cold hardy.
  • They are easy to confine in a pen.
  • They are docile.
  • They are broody ladies.
  • They are very calm chickens.

Many times they are used as pets and show birds because of their friendly nature. This being said, the Rooster can be a little aggressive when defending his flock. Dominickers have been know to kill small animals when they felt they or their flock was threatened.

Zeus the Dominique Rooster and flock Pic by: “Wiki”

Sweetie the Dominique hen pic provided by: “Wiki”

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