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Easy Fly Bait Recipes

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fly bait

Making Homemade Fly Bait

I am going to share 3 recipes that are homemade Fly Bait recipes. all are made from items you normally would have in your cupboards or cabinets at home. None of these are difficult nor do they take long to make. Flies are a bothersome creature and when we need some control indoors, we need something that is not poisonous nor chemical based.

We will also offer some solutions for catching or trapping flies in this article. These will mostly be factory made traps or sources for catching flies.

The 1st Homemade Fly Bait is:

Using Vinegar and Syrup

Fly Bait
These recipes will also be handy while you are sitting around on the porch eating Ice Cream or sipping iced tea!

This combination requires a container that will hold 2 cups of liquid comfortably.

  • Add a cup of vinegar into your container and add a cup of syrup or molasses. (We have both and it really does not matter which one you use as flies will love either) You can warm this mixture to make it mix better if you need to.
  • Place the mixture outdoors in areas where you have the problem with your flies.
  • The syrup or molasses, whichever you chooses to use will draw the flies to it because of the sweetness of the smell. Once the flies light in the mix, the stickiness and weight of the liquid will hold the flies in the container preventing them from escaping and drowning them in the fly bait.



The 2nd Homemade Fly Bait is:

Soap and Sugar

Fly Bait


This recipe works great in a container that holds approx 1 cup or larger of liquid. Flat round containers with a decent lip work well for these home remedies.

We will use a mixture of Soap and sugar for this one. The same principal pretty much applies here as with the remedy for the syrup and vinegar. This is a little easier mixed and is ver effective also.

  • Add 1/2 cup of water to your container
  • Add two spoonfuls of sugar and stir in until dissolved.
  • Add six drops of liquid dish soap, gently stir as to not make a bunch or bubbles.
  • The sugar in this mix will attract the flies and the soap makes their wings too slick to fly.
  • The flies will drown in the bowl of fly bait.
  • Fruit flies love this mix and they are primarily an indoor fly. This mix is all natural and safe to place anywhere in or on your cabinets. You have no odor of any kind to deal with either.


Most folks use these outdoors on porches, decks, chicken houses, barns, etc.

The 3rd Homemade Fly Bait is:

Sugar and Vinegar

Fly Bait

In our 1st fly bait, we used the vinegar and syrup or molasses. In this one, we simplify it to just two ingredients of sugar and vinegar. You will need a cup or container that hold more than 1 cup of liquid comfortably. Flat containers work well for this fly bait.

  • Add one cup of vinegar into your container
  • Add two full Teaspoons of sugar.
  • If you have it available you can add a piece of fruit. We have bananas around most all the time and can use a small piece of the peel to make it more appealing to the flies. You can use orange peel or small bits of sliced fruit.
  • The same principle applies here as with the others, as the fly moves into the fruit its wings become sticky and prevent it from flying causing it to drown in the fly bait bowl.

All of our homemade fly baits are safe to use indoors as they are all natural and non toxic! If you need extra fly control be sure to check out the commercial traps and baits in this article.


We also have an article on “Fly Relellent Tips” and “Plants that Repel Mosquitoes” on the blog that you may enjoy reading.

We do not endorse the killing of honey bees as they are becoming less and less in numbers. They are a very important part of our ecosystem and are the greatest pollinators we have. they are such wonderful insects. Please be careful when using commercial traps and bait and be responsible. Always read the warnings and applications fully.

In future articles, we hope to add solutions and homemade recipes for more pest such as fleas, roaches, ants, spiders, etc.

If you have enjoyed our article on Fly Bait or have some of your own that will work and you would like for us to share them with our readers, list them here by leaving us a comment below.

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