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Chicken Hatcheries VS Breeders, Which is Best?

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Chicken Hatcheries

Chicken Hatcheries or Breeders?

This is a very good question to ask yourself Chicken Hatcheries or Breeders when deciding what breed(s) you want to raise. Depending on why you want chickens you will have to choose either getting chicks from a chicken hatchery or from a breeder. Hatchery birds on average begin laying at 24 weeks, they lay all of their eggs within two years. That means if you always want a steady supply of eggs you have to replace all of your hens every two years, some hatchery breeds such as Sex-links have to be replaced every year.

Benefits of Chicken Breeders

While birds from breeders on average don’t begin laying until 6 months, they will lay consistently for 4+ years! Though they may not lay 300+ eggs each year as most hatchery birds do, their laying cycle lifetime if more than double the time of any hatchery bird. Though birds from breeders may be a bit more expensive than those at hatcheries, they not only supply you with more eggs overall in their lifetime, they also live longer because they have been bred for resistance to illnesses. Another major plus with birds from breeders is you can take them to poultry shows and win awards with them! Birds from breeders are great for 4-H projects too! Breeders 1 Also if you want to earn a bit more money at least enough to pay for their feed you can sell their eggs as hatching eggs as long as you have roosters that are the same breed as the hens. Eggs from good quality birds can sell anywhere from $25 – $150 + per dozen depending on the breed and quality. These are a couple examples of how different Chicken Hatcheries birds Vs. Breeder birds look. Breeders - Copy All of that said, not every breeder has quality birds. Do your research, see what others are saying about that breeder because some people are just in it for the money.


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