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Heavenly Skies

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Heavenly Skies

1 The Glorious Light

The Heavenly Skies have always been a mystery to man. The beauty of the sky and it colors have eluded us for centuries. The shapes and contours have always lured us into research to figure out how such beauty can exist. Man had for years debated what lay above those marvelous wonders that God and created.  We know in part but will not know in full until we meet Him in the clouds! Then shall all mysteries and knowledge be revealed to us! Enjoy your view from on high!

2 Door to Heaven

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Crossing the Black Mountains which separate western and central Bhutan, you'll enter a part of the country which until the 1970's was only reached by mule and foot trails. The mountain road passes through deciduous forests and at the second pass, Pele La (3300m), the entire area is blanketed by high altitude dwarf bamboo. About five miles from Tongsa, the road winds around a cliff and takes a sharp turn to the left. The view is one of the most beautiful sights in all Bhutan and one from which you will never tire. Sloping down the contour of a ridge stands the many-leveled Tongsa Dzong , built in 1648.

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