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History of Butterflies or the Butterfly Gallery

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A brief History of the Butterfly

history of butterflies

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful species and one of the most interesting species around.

From the cocoon to the magnificent colored creature, this process fascinates us all! 

So with further ado, here is a brief history of butterflies.

Butterflies have been around a long, long time! The scientist who do fossil work have stated they have found an American Butterfly fossil that dates , 34 million years old.  Wow, that is a long time.

There will always be disputes as to how long the earth has been around so to argue this point is fruitless.

This species of insects also includes, to no surprise, the moth. Both are some of the most vibrant and colorful species we get to enjoy!

The life cycle of a Butterfly

The butterfly has the typical 4 stage lifecycle of most other insects!

They lay eggs.

Then the larvae will feed on the eggs(also known as caterpillars)

These grow pretty rapidly sometimes and when they mature, they pupate.

Then the imaginal stage where the caterpillar turns into a butterfly and spreads it’s wings and flies away!

Amazing, isn’t it!  For more information on this beautiful insect you can hop over to the Wikipedia Page.

The Butterfly and Moth photos in this gallery are attribution free meaning you can copy and use them in any way you see fit.  So, if you would like to copy some of them and save them for projects, please feel free to do so!

Be Blessed!

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