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Japanese Bantam Chicken Breed

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Japanese Bantam

The Japanese Bantam is a terrific bird to show! This is a graceful and majestic looking chicken. This Bantam has a wonderful tail that will many times reach the head and sometimes go over it. As is typical with many of the bantams the wings taper down to the back and along the sides. The Japanese Bantam is also known as the Chabo! Originating in Japan and had been gracing the gardens of Japan for over 305 years!

If you notice, the Japanese Bantam is a popular bird for artist as it appears in many Japanese prints and Dutch as well. Although it can be confined, this bird is also known to be a good forager. This chicken has many colors and feather variations including , Frizzle and Silkies. Some of these birds are known to live up to 13 years old. They also have very short legs and this contributes to the size.

Japanese Bantam Characteristics:

  • Good Layers: No, usually about 1 egg per week..
  • Broody: Yes.
  • Dual Purpose: No, they are considered ornamental. For show and looks.
  • Docile: Yes and can be tamed.
  • Pets: Yes
  • Friendly: Yes, most are.
  • Winter Hardy: No

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