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Lakenvelders Chicken Breed

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Lakenvelder Chicken

What is the Lakenvelders Chicken Breed?

The Lakenvelders Chicken or commonly called Lakenfelders are a breed of chicken that was developed in the early 1800’s in Germany.  These chickens are a smaller chicken and have small bones. The feathering has very distinct and contrasting  colors of black on white.  The predominant color is white with a black head , neck and tail feathers. The black has white mixed in with it. The Rooster has a bit more black in the tail area because of his long tail.

This is not considered a good farm bird for a dual purpose breed. they are too small for meat but are fair layers of small to medium sized egg. This makes them good for Showing and eggs production. Fair for pets!

 The Characteristics of the Lakenvelders Chicken:

  • Rare: Yes.
  • Colors: Black head, collar, and tail, white body, white skin and slate colored legs.
  • Flying: Yes, flighty
  • Forager: Yes, a good forager if allowed to free range.
  • Bears confinement: Yes, it also bears confinement well.
  • Weight: Small 4 to 5 pounds
  • Layer: Yes a good layer. Lays small to medium white or cream eggs. Up to 3 a week.
  • Broody / Setting: No, not good at all.
  • Comb: Single.
  • Legs: Non feathered.
  • Cold Hardy: No.
  • Docile: Not especially.
  • Dual Purpose: No, Kept for Eggs, Pets and show only.

Lakenvelder Chicken 1

If you note the photo these chickens have a slick, slate blue leg without and feathering.

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Lakenvelder Chicken Photo’s Provided By: ” Wikipedia “

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