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How to Make Perfect Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

make perfect spaghetti

Our Recipe for Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

This is how to make perfect spaghetti with meat sauce.

None of this is made from scratch but the combination of it all is delicious! We love this spaghetti with meat sauce and make it regularly! 

You will not need a lot of stuff and it is not expensive. We purchase a lot of foods that are not name brands and you will see them in this post.

These food seem to taste fine to us and it saves money. this is something important to us as we try to be frugal in our living.

We purchase items in bulk or quantities when we can if it saves us money!  Canned foods, meats and sealed items such as coffee are items we find on sale and purchase in bulk. These items either have a long shelf life or can be frozen. 

make perfect spaghetti

Preparation for the Perfect Spaghetti.

1/2 pack Spaghetti. Thin is our choice. You can use Angel Hair or thick. 

1/4 Cup Olive Oil.  2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 8oz jar Spaghetti Sauce, Generic brand.

1 Onion.

3 Tbsp of Mushrooms.

2 Tsp minced or fresh garlic. We used minced.

1 lb hamburger meat.

Direction for the Perfect Spaghetti!

Prepare the water in a large pot of water. Bring water to rolling boil. It is important that the water is boiling in order make the spaghetti melt as it goes in the pot. Add 1/4 cup of olive oil and the salt. 

Add olive oil, salt and spaghetti, in this order.

Allow the water to come back to a boil after adding spaghetti then set your timer for 8 minutes and begin checking it. We like our soft all the way through and we have to let ours boil a few minutes longer than most call for. Most dishes call for 8-10 minutes.

While the spaghetti is boiling, grab small sauce pan and fry the hamburger meat and crumble it as you are frying it. Drain grease and add to small kettle with lid. Add Sauce and stir and put over low heat to simmer.

Clean out pan and turn heat to low and add 2 Tbsp olive Oil. When the oil gets hot add your minced garlic. Most recipes call for 1 Tsp but we used 2, we like garlic a lot. Add garlic to heated oil and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes, you don't want to burn the garlic! 

Remove garlic and use the same oil and add chopped onion and mushrooms.  Allow to simmer until onions are soft and then add the garlic back to the mix and allow to get heated completely through. 

By this time, the spaghetti should be ready to eat.

Remove spaghetti from pot by pouring into colander over the sink.  Allow to drain well and add back to the pot.

Add a portion into your plate. Add sauce if you desire and then the Garlic, onion and mushroom mix.

Serve with toasted bread. We prefer Garlic Toast. 

Note: this dish is very good without the sauce. If you use sauce, be sure to add the hamburger, it makes it tastier and meatier.

We hope you enjoy this dish. If you try it and enjoy it please leave us a comment below.

If you have a favorite spaghetti recipe you would like us to post, be sure to contact us HERE

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