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Old English Bantam Chickens

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English Bantam Chickens


Old English Bantam Chickens

The English Bantam is a very small Chicken and originated in England, it is one of the smallest chicken breeds, weighing about 22 oz when they are fully grown.

The English Bantam Rooster in the picture is Sonny Boy, submitted by, Rebecca Ayer Anthony

Old English bantam roosters were commonly used for fighting in Europe. They were smaller and faster than normal roosters used previously and therefore became a very popular chicken in the fighting pits. Thankfully, the Cock fighting was banned in the mid 1800 there.

The English Game Fowl is one of the oldest strains of poultry breeds around. This includes the English Bantam.

The Old English Game Bantam is one of the most popular bantam breeds, especially in the United Kingdom.

They are a great pet for children.

Today the breeds are used at poultry exhibitions and breeders try to develop stock that will win prizes at shows.

Exhibition bred cocks can fetch amounts over $ 600 here in the states. They have to be a pure bred English Bantam to fetch this price.

Every account I have read about these chickens have been positive. They seem to be very people friendly and cold hardy Chickens.

English Bantam


The Pros of the English Bantam:

  • Very sociable,
  • Very friendly
  • Very beautiful
  • Small eggs but kids love them for their size.

The Cons of the English Bantam:

  • Like most Bantams they are somewhat flighty
  • They can be extremely adventurous
  • When defending their chicks or hens they can be aggressive
  • They are very good flight chickens and need kept in a covered pen if you don’t want them running and flying around.Their egg production is slow.

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