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Popular Facebook Post for October


Popular Facebook Post for the week.

 How to remove Permanent Marker from just about anything.

 Removing Permanent Marker From Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces

Use A mix of Rubbing alcohol and Bourbon

Removing Permanent Marker From Fabrics

Use Bleach or a mix of Alcohol and Acetone. Lots of other combos also. See link below.

Removing Permanent Marker From Furniture

Use aerosol hairspray on leather furniture.

Use alcohol and peroxide on Microfiber furniture.

Check out this WIKI site for a lot more of these tips.

Popular Facebook Post 1

Ways to save money of Fruits and Vegetables

 First thing, buy fruits that you actually like. It is better to eat a few less fruits than to purchase all those canned fruits or even fresh fruits that you don’t really like and let them go to waste just because you wish you could or would eat them. Ever been there?

Purchase Fresh

Purchase fresh fruits or vegetables when in season at your Farmers Markets. They will normally be fresher and cheaper than your groceries. Remember, a lot of groceries buy certain fruits from local farmers then mark up the price.

Popular Facebook Post 2

I know this sounds out there to some of you but you really can do this. It doesn’t take a lot of ground or space. You can grow container gardens Here is an article on Growing vegetables in containers.

This is a terrific idea if your space is limited. You can do this in the city or anywhere you have room for a container. Save, save, save.

Roast Vegetables and store in Refrigerator for later use.

If you have time today and will be in a rush in upcoming days, preparing foods ahead is always a great idea. Don’t throw out hose leftovers either. Refrigerate them and use later in other dishes!

Oh yes, don’t be afraid to mix your fruits. Mixed fresh fruit can be delicious together.

For more on healthy fruits and vegetables check out this post from the Mayo Clinic.

For more ideas on fruits and vegetables check out his post on WIKI.

Top Post on Its Country Good Facebook Page. This week were all fall related pictures. What a great time of year!

Popular Facebook Post 4

The top post we shared on our Back Roads Living Facebook Page this week was a video of nature. It as a wonderful Deer Video. If you have time hop over and check it out!

The next best thing this week has been Cabins. Oh my, aren’t they wonderful! Cabins are so homey and bring back a sense of a simpler time. The old log houses and cabins are so cherished. Many are being restored. Even old barns have been restored and converted into homes and businesses.

Popular Facebook Post 3

For some photo galleries Log Cabins and other terrific nostalgia stop by our page of galleries.

This has been one of our most Popular Facebook Post this week on our Back Roads Living Facebook Page. There were lots of comments and shares on this post. We have lots more like it on the page. We also have other Pages that share the Country themes. Its Country Good and The Barn Yard are a couple of our other pages that share country themes.

This is our most Popular Facebook Post on Its Country Good for the week.

This is the most Popular Facebook Post for The Barn Yard this week.

Popular Facebook Post

Animals are a big theme on all our pages along with cabins, food and country living. If you have a favorite photo or story you would like to share with us you can drop us a comment in our Contact Us area.


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