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Teen Text Acronyms and what they mean!

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Text Acronyms

 Text Acronyms of Teens!

Text Acronyms, they are used by young and old alike! As I read these it became aware of just how in the dark I was! Teens could text around me and laugh and giggle and say anything without me having a clue! If ask what a set of letters meant, they just make up something that matches the letters! How would I know the difference?

Information is the deal breaker! When informed you can always make better decisions as to who and who shouldn’t have a phone! Well informed parents have a much better chance of helping their children than those who are uninformed or just don’t care!

I used to think I was tech savvy all because I knew what “LOL” means. Well, lets test just how savvy we are!

Any idea what “NIFOC”stands for in Internet slang?

The new smart phones are always making it easier for the teens to text!

It’s a declarative statement: “Naked in front of computer”. My oh my, how things have changed! Teens have become so deceptive with their phones that most parents have no clue what is even being said!

While researching some of these Text Acronyms I came across these that left me totally stunned! I had no idea there were so many and I am sure this is just the tip of the ice burg! As parents learn these I am sure new ones will be invented!

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Even with the new Text Acronyms being created, it is still important to know some of these as they are still used daily with many teens! Keeping up is a full time job!

If you are a parent of a teen and would like to contribute to this list, please feel free to add your Text Acronyms in our comment section below.

Text Acronyms of Teens

Text Acronyms

  1. “LMK” — let me know
  2. “WYCM” — will you call me 
  3. “GNOC,’” – “get naked on camera.”
  4. “PIR” – parent in room
  5. “OMG” Oh my gosh!
  6. ‘PYFPD.’ Put your freaking phone down.” (For parents to use with the children!) J
  7. “NIFOC” – Naked in front of computer
  8. “CU46” – See you for sex
  9. “53X” – Sex
  10. “9” – Parent watching
  11. “99” – Parent gone
  12. “1174′” – Party meeting place
  13. “THOT” – That hoe over there
  14. “CID” – Acid (the drug)
  15. “Broken” – Hungover from alcohol
  16. “420” – Marijuana
  17. “POS” – Parent over shoulder
  18. “SUGARPIC” – Suggestive or erotic photo
  19. “KOTL” – Kiss on the lips
  20. “(L)MIRL” – Let’s meet in real life
  21. “PRON” – Porn
  22. “TDTM” – Talk dirty to me
  23. “8” – Oral sex
  24. “CD9” – Parents around/Code 9
  25. “IPN” – I’m posting naked
  26. “LH6” – Let’s have sex
  27. “WTTP” – Want to trade pictures?
  28. “DOC” – Drug of choice
  29. “TWD” – Texting while driving
  30. “GYPO” – Get your pants off
  31. “KPC” – Keeping Parents Clueless
  32. “IWSN” – I want sex now!

I found most all of these Text Acronyms at ”FOX 40 NEWS”

If these are startling to you, join the crowd! I was shocked that these can and are used right in front of parents and they are never the wiser about them! The kids can just make up anything that matches the lettering to appease the parents curiosity. If you know these, you are armed with some great information to help protect your children!

If you are a parent of a teen and would like to contribute to this list, please feel free to add your Text Acronyms in our comment section below.

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