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Raising Urban Chickens ~ Too much Fun!

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Urban Chickens 


Urban Chickens

Well Raising Urban Chickens can be fun! You go out and purchase a new Coop or if you are skilled you can buy you a book on how to build a coop, purchase the material and build your own. Chickens and Coops have been around for a long time and they are not going to disappear any time soon. The City folk are wanting to raise their own eggs and if it means a Chicken Coop in the backyard, so be it!

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Now here we are, we have a Chicken Coop that we built or bought from our Affiliate, Tractor Supply and put up in the backyard! Now, we begin looking for the right Chickens! Do we want a Chicken who lays more despite the personality, do we want one who lays ok with a good personality or do we sacrifice egg production for a pet and only get a couple or three eggs a week. We need a good Urban Chicken!

There are so many wonderful Chickens out there! Rhode Island Chickens are a very popular yard bird. Plymouth and Cornish Rocks are a desired bird. Brahma is a desired breed. Orpingtons are terrific breed. How do you choose? Do your research and check their personality and egg count before you purchase your Urban Chicken Flock. You can find a list of several breeds with egg count and personalities HERE.  This list is fairly extensive with several breeds and their characteristics and estimated egg laying count per year.

Ok, now we have a Chicken Coop and decided on our chickens. Of course, we are staying in the guidelines of the city, town or county ordinances. No doubt you have considered the number of chickens before you purchased your coop! Coops are made to accommodate a certain number of chickens. So, you have the coop and you have your chickens and grain feed. Did you buy young chickens? If so can you tell if they are hens or roosters? Chickens are hard to sex! A new chicken owner will have a very difficult time sexing a chicken. So, you have purchased your Urban Chickens and as they grow one or maybe more of them all of a sudden begin to crow! Oh no, what now? Make preparations because this will happen! It is impossible to pick the hens all the time.

Now, it is summer and the kids are out of school. Vacation time! Yea!!!! Hold it! Chickens cannot take care of themselves! They need you to take care of them! If you go on vacation who is going to take care of your chickens? Better make preparations for this or just stay home and raise chickens for your vacation.

Next thing you know the snow is falling and everything is white and so beautiful. Winter is such a beautiful time of year! All of a sudden the temperature starts dropping and it gets down to 5 degrees outside. Is your chicken house heated? Do you have heaters in your water trough or watering pan? Is the Coop designed to keep the cold air out? Oh, that is right you prepared for this in the late fall.

All of a sudden the coop burst into cackling and almost screaming and squawking! More than likely there is a varmint in the Chicken Coop! A opossum, a fox, a weasel, a coon, stray dog, etc. Did you make your Coop varmint proof? Do you check the doors at night after your hens go to bed to be sure nothing can get in? Yes this needs done if you don’t have an automatic door.

Oh, the thrill of raising Urban Chickens! Fresh eggs and the sweet little chickens running around in the yard. Such a beautiful country setting. Just like Little House or the Waltons! Did I forget to mention you need to clean your New Urban Chicken Coop fairly regularly to keep it from smelling up the neighborhood? Oh yes, eggs need gathered morning and evening. My what fun we are having!

Actually raising Chickens can be a lot of fun. We just need to make preparations for them. As I said they cannot take care of themselves. They depend on us. With a few preparations and a little thought and planning we can have a lot of fun raising our Urban Chickens. We just need to realize there is more to raising them than just buying them and turning them loose in the backyard!

I hope you are determined to raise Urban Chickens as this will keep you in fresh eggs and keep you some of the finest pets and friends. Chickens make wonderful pets and love to talk to their owners. Go ahead, make the correct preparations and get those Urban Chickens clucking.

You can purchase some wonderful Orpington Hens at Lots ‘A’ Cluckin’ Farm. They raise some of the finest around this part of the country!

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Our Affiliates California Hatchery sells several breeds of chickens and our Affiliate Tractor Supply sells Coop of all sizes and shapes.

If you need assistance give us a shout. We will help with any information we can gather for you.

Leave us a comment below on how you intend to raise your Urban Chickens 🙂

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