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Welsummer Chicken Breed

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Welsummer Chicken Breed

Welsummer Chicken Breed, The Kellogg’s Cornflakes Chicken!

The Welsummer Chicken Breed is a very popular breed of bird. This is the breed used on the Kelloggs Corn Flakes Boxes. This is probably one of the most common Roosters outside of the Dominecker that people envision when the term rooster is used. We see this in our mind from having seen it on the Kelloggs boxes for so long. This beautiful chicken is a long time favorite of many and will continue to be so as it is a good bird for the farm or backyard. A good dual purpose bird!

This Welsummer Chicken Breed originated from a variety of other breeds, The Rhode Island Red, Barnevelders, Leghorns, Cochins and Wyandottes. The Welsummer chicken is a friendly and intelligent bird with a rustic red and orangish colors throughout the body. This beautiful fowl has three variations, The Golden Duckwing, the Silver Duckwing and the Bantams of this breed are rare in the States.

Welsummer Rooster

The Welsummer Chicken is a fair layer at approx 4 eggs a week and lays a large brown egg, many times with darks spots on them. It is an odd characteristic but the spots can be rubbed off of them. The Welsummer Rooster will weigh around 7lb when grown and the hen will weigh around 6lb when grown.


 Welsummer Hen photo by: WIKI

The Welsummer is a single comb chicken with a medium sized comb and a red face. These wonderful chickens make great foragers and free range chickens! They are primarily used for eggs but they also make a good meat bird. AS can be seen from the picture, they have a good full breast. They are good cold hardy birds, intelligent and friendly, bears confinement well, can be broody but are not very docile.

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