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Back Roads Living Kitten Rescue Up-Date

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Back Roads Living Kitten Rescue Up-Date

Back Roads Kitten2


Hello again, I told you I would give you an update on the rescued kitten this evening here at Back Roads Living.


We have had it two full days and a half now and the first day we picked it up it had a seizures that evening. The second day which was yesterday it had two seizures! Today so far it has only had one!

When we brought it home it could not stand or hold any weight on it little legs! Yesterday it tried to stand but just couldn’t do it at all! Around mid day my wife got it out of it box and set in the floor and the little lady took off walking on her own. She is not the most stable critter in the world yet but she has been through a really hard time!

Back Roads Kitten3

We here at Back Roads Living want to thank you all for your ind words of encouragement and prayers for this little girl! We did not think she would live through that first day or night. The seizures are so hard on her! She pretty much is worn out after one! Her little body just shivers and shakes and she slobbers at the mouth and just terrible to watch. WE feel so sorry for her!

Hopefully in the following days if she lives she will get over these. We have been reading online about them and most of the seizures are caused by some kind of head trauma! I still get mad all over every time I think of someone hurting this little baby! She was probably tossed from someones vehicle. That would explain the skinned nose and dried blood on it when we found her.

Back Roads Kitten1

Keep on praying and hoping. That is all we can do!


Thanks again for stopping by Back Roads Living!

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