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Cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room

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Coffee Pot

Cook in a Hotel? Did I hear right? Cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room! Yes, there is a way!


I highly advise against encouraging to cook in a hotel or dorm room. The being said, this is how it used to be done back in the day before breakfast bars were installed in the hotels!

Little did I know until a little while ago there are many items you can cook in a hotel or dorm room with just a coffee pot of clothes iron! Can you imagine cooking with a clothes iron? I am going to share with you how to do just that!

One food that can be cooked with your coffee pot in a Hotel or Dorm room is Oatmeal. Always sterilize your coffee pot before using it! Run scalding water through it!

First open your packet of oatmeal and put the oatmeal in the bottom of the pot. Next add the right amount of water to the reservoir on the coffee maker that the packet calls for, turn it on and let it perk! When the water has all run into the pot, let se about 5 minutes, add cinnamon, etc, mix and enjoy your meal.

Note: You can bring along dried raisins, nuts, etc for your oatmeal.

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm room with a coffee maker is a soft boiled egg. How about that! Place your eggs carefully into the coffee pot, Now let the hot water from the reservoir drip over them. Let the eggs sit in the hot water for a few minutes and enjoy!

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room with a coffee maker is Ramen Noodles. Put your packet of noodles in the bottom of the coffee pot and run just enough water through the reservoir to cover the noodles. Let set 3-4 minutes and carefully drain the water from them and add your seasoning.

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room, Vegetables. You can use the basket of the coffee maker to steam vegetables if you want to. Add your veggies to the basket and run the water through it several times until you get the desired tenderness you want!

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room, Rice. You can make instant rice in a coffee pot. Run the correct amount of water through that the rice calls for and then add your rice. Leave the coffee pot on until the rice has absorbed most of the water and is tender.. Approx 4-5 minutes.

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room, Meats. You can even cook chicken and other meats in the coffee pot. Lay your meat in the bottom of the pot and add enough water to cover approx 1/4 of the meat and turn on the coffee maker! Let cook approx 15 minutes per side!


Now we get to the part of cooking with the clothes iron!

You can cook bacon with a clothes iron! You will need to plan ahead and bring some aluminum foil along for this! Cut your bacon in half and lay in the foil. Lay another piece of foil on top and fold the edges so the grease will not leak out. Iron your bacon with the iron on the hottest temp. Remember to turn off the steamer. Check your bacon every couple of minutes and turn it with a fork. This should take around 10 minutes to get it a light crispiness. If you lay this on furniture please lay a towel under it to prevent burning the furniture.


Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room is fried eggs! Take a piece of fold and turn up the edges and hold your iron upside down. Lay the foil on the iron and crack your eggs and place in the foil. Use the bacon grease or your own oil you bring with you. (Remember if you are going to do this make a list of things you will need) Let the eggs fry to the correct texture and turn over and fry to the texture you desire!

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room is vegetables. Put your vegetables in ayour foils and seal up the edges. Run your iron over the foil until desired doneness is reached.

Another item you can cook in a Hotel or Dorm Room is Toast with cheese. Place the cheese between the bread and place in the foil. Heat on both sides until desired toastiness is achieved!

You can always pick up fruit and desserts to bring with you. Check the kitchen in the dorm or the bar in the hotel lobby for paper plates and utensils!

When you are going to eat out find a good buffet that is not going to crimp your budget and eat your big meal for the day there.

Remember to be careful not to damage the hotel room as they can and many will bill you for damage!

Now, this is going to probably be against most health codes! Always thoroughly clean your coffee pot and iron as they have come in contact with food and could possibly be hazardous to the next guest if not cleaned well. Meats can cause salmonella.

This may also be against the hotel rules! If you ask them they may say no to doing this. Be your own judge! Saving money is what we are trying to do but we do not encourage breaking any laws while doing so! If one of your small appliances is broken at home you can use these methods until you replace the old appliance.

Do you cook in a hotel or  dorm room?

If you have a use for these items feel free to share it with us.

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