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Corn Pudding Recipe Homemade

corn pudding recipe
This corn pudding recipe is one of those old fashioned homemade recipes that is going to be extremely tasty!

This is a great dish for a side with prey much any meat you may want to serve. If you have fresh corn on the cob and can use this, it is even better.

The sweetness of corn cut right off the Cobb in a corn purring dish makes it so much better. Regardless if it is from the can or cob, it is still a delicious side dish.


2 eggs, beaten

1/2 cup sugar

2 Tbs flour

1/3 stick butter, melted

1 cup milk

2 cups corn, fresh or frozen. salt and pepper to taste.

After the Derecho last year, corn may become harder to get in the future so enjoy this dish while you still can at affordable prices!

Many folks grow their own gardens with corn as one of the staple vegetables. I know our garden was taken up by at least 1/4 of the space by sweet corn. We love corn on the cob as well as fried corn and we always freeze some of it for the winter months. 

The tastiest corn we grow is the Kandy Korn and it has a wonderful sweet taste right from the garden. I know a lot of folks add a teaspoon of sugar to their fried corn but there is no need for that with this corn. This is a wonderful corn to use in this corn pudding recipe.


Beat eggs add sugar mixed with flour.

Melt butter.

Add milk, corn, salt and pepper and melted butter to egg mixture.

Pour in a quart casserole dish and bake at 375 degrees until set. Approx. 45 minutes.

Remove and server warm.

Enjoy this corn pudding dish and try our other corn recipes HERE.

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