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Cream Legbar Chicken Breed

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Cream Legbar Chicken Breed


Cream Legbar Chicken Breed

This article is about the Cream Legbar Chicken and it characteristics. The Cream Legbar is what is known as a true autosexing chicken, meaning you can tell the sex of the chicks when they hatch.

The Cream Legbar originated as a cross between the Barred Rock and the Brown Leghorns with some Araucana bloodline. You will find the Araucana in the eggs they lay and some of their features.

The male chicks of this breed will have a pale dot on the head at hatching and the female will have a dark brown or black stripe on the head and running down the body. The Cream Legbar Chicken is a noisy breed and very inquisitive as they plunder through and around everything they find. These are a pure breed bird.

Cream Leg Bar

They have wonderful silky plumage free from course or excessive feathering. They are a very firm and muscular chicken. They are not overly large birds.

The Cream Legbar is considered a rare breed of Chicken. They are considered good foragers, medium sized, and a really pretty bird making them one of the all-around best backyard chicken breeds to keep. The best part about them is their nature. They are calm, not flighty, and very inquisitive.

All the post I have seen on these birds have them recommended as a very good backyard bird.
The female weighs about 4-6lb
The male weighs about 6-7lb
They lay around 180 eggs per year.
The egg color will be Blue, Green or Olive. This is derived from the Araucana bloodline.

The photo below is shared by our Facebook follower Ruth Staveley. The blue egg is her Cream Legbar’s firs egg. That is such a pretty color! You can see the Araucana bloodline in it!

Cream Legbar Ruth Staveley Egg Basket

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