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Phoenix Chicken Breed for your Farm or Home

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Phoenix Chicken Breed

Phoenix Chicken

The Phoenix Chicken breed is of Japanese descent. Its heritage can be traced back over a thousand years! The Phoenix Chicken is a high-maintenance breed of bird, requiring special care in order to keep their tail feathers in good shape. Not surprising at all with these long beautiful feathers.
Photo by: Ashley Elizabeth

The Phoenix Chicken molt every other year, unlike most chicken breeds that molt every year. The breed is famous for its wide, rigid sickle feathers two to five feet. long, with their saddle feather growing from 12 to 18 inches in length.

The Phoenix Chicken breed is APA Standard of Perfection with the Gold, Silver and Black Breasted Red varieties.

The Phoenix Chicken is an exhibition breed They are extremely hardy. The Phoenix Chicken breed makes a great free range bird if you are not worried about the tail being kept up. They are an alert breed with a pheasant-like appearance. They have a single comb.

They are not considered good egg layer’s, they do go broody but not as much as your prolific layers do. You can count on one egg a week and a couple if lucky. The chicks require extra protein when their tails are growing for a large flowing tail. The Phoenix Chicken breed is well-suited to estates where it can roam at large, thriving best when it is given a good area of free range.

Phoenix 1 Ashley Elizabeth


Photo By: Ashley Elizabeth

One of the Po’s of the Phoenix Chicken Breed is it’s beauty. There is not a prettier bird around that this one.

They are very good foragers and possess excellent survival skills!

A couple of negative things or Con’s are that they can be flighty, the tail needs upkeep if you are going to show them and they don’t particularly like touched on their backs.

They lay medium sized cream tinted eggs.

These birds tend not to be a hardy winter bird. They do ok in confinement. They are docile but not overly friendly.

The Male Weighs: 5.5 lbs.
The female Female: 4.5 lbs.

This is not one of the more popular chickens to have as a backyard pet. There are many that qualify but this will not make our Top Ten Pics!

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