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Jo’s Creamy Chicken and Rice Instant Pot Dish

Creamy Chicken and Rice

Jo's Creamy Chicken and Rice Instant Pot Dish

    A very easy and delicious recipe from our YouTube Subscriber Jo, from over at "The Duck Pond"

     This is full of the most tasty and simplest ingredients.  Put in in the pot and forget about it until time to eat!

Creamy Chicken and rice Ingredients

  • *2 chicken breasts cut into small bite size pieces 
  • •2 cup long grain brown rice uncooked
  • •3 cups water or 2 cups chicken both & 1 cup water
  • •1 package onion soup mix or use homemade
  • •10 oz can cream of mushroom soup condensed 
  • •10 oz can cream of chicken soup condensed 
  • •1 stick of unsalted butter


  1. Turn Instant pot on saute and when it reads HOT add 1 Tablespoon olive oil. 
  2. Add chicken and cook till its white.
  3. Add broth and or water.
  4. Deglaze bottom of pan.
  5. Make sure nothing is stuck to the bottom.
  6. Add rice, and onion mix.
  7. Toss in soups and butter.
  8. Seal instant pot.
  9. Hit pressure cook until it reads High and high pressure.
  10. That is for the Instant Pot Duo setting.
  11. Cook 16 minutes and 5 minute release.

     That is it, enjoy your meal! 🙂

     Recipe submitted by our YouTube Subscriber and prepper Jo, from over at the
Duck Pond".

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