The Faverolles Chicken Breed

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Faverolles Chicken Breed

The Fancy Faverolles Chicken Breed

The Faverolles Chicken Breed originated in France. They even look French! The chicken was named after the village it was developed in, Faverolles. Although the Faverolle was originally developed for meat and eggs they are now pretty much an exhibition fowl! They are a beautiful bird! The three “French Hens” mentioned in the Twelve Days of Christmas are these beautiful birds!

The Faverolles Chicken Breed are heavy birds with beards, muffs and feathered feet! These beautiful birds are known to be happy in confinement or free range and do well in both conditions. Although this breed is mainly used in exhibition today it is still a very good layer and meat bird! The most common color of the Faverolle Chicken is Salmon. The males are usually a little darker than the female with straw colored feathers. They are truly a beautiful bird!

The hens lay 4 – 5 medium sized light brown to pinkish eggs and are good winter layers! The Rooster is in some cases known as the quietest roosters around and are very docile and friendly birds. They make great pets for children. If left with more aggressive birds they can be bullied because of their mild and gentle nature. They are referred to as, sweet, gentle, mild, docile, etc. A great bird for your yard and children and a good layer! They also make good mothers! This is always a plus if you want to raise them! Some folks say they can be a little broody but are not hard to break from the nest.

Roosters: 9 – 11 lbs
Hens: 7.5 – 9.5 lbs

If you are looking for a very gentle bird that will lay eggs or a dual purpose bird for the Homestead or Farm this Faverolles Chicken is a good one to consider. You can free range them of coop them up and they will adapt very easily to either for you! A large rooster who is friendly to children is a plus in today’s urban and city settings!


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