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Gallery of Barns, Horses, Church, Country in general

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A Gallery of Barns A Gallery of Barns starts with the two barns but really widens in variety as you go!

I don’t think you are going to be disappointed with gallery! Very professional quality and very good choices make it a keeper! 

When I get an opportunity to share pictures of others, I always jump on it. Everyone has a different interest and passion.

When I ran across Steve, he offered to send me some pictures he had taken on different outings and I found them very interesting and quite good.

As you follow this Photo Gallery you will find a diversity of Barns and I am sure some you are not all acquainted with personally.

The following photos have been taken by one individual and his talent is very visible. He has done a great job.

As you go along we will share where the pictures were taken and some of the surrounding circumstance.!

I like a story, don’t you!   Enjoy!

You can find more of Steve’s photos here.


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Holly Springs NC Friends of ours own this beautiful 175 acre farm in Holly Springs, NC. I've been there about half a dozen time so far, photographing " country living " type images. Their family name dates back to the before the 1840's, The husband who is a very handy guy, has added to the home by building on to it himself. Finding old railroad ties, and old wood at farm auctions to build the kitchen cabinets, and counters, and the structure of the interior of their home. One part of the property, is a museum of old farm tools, gas pumps from old gas stations, jars, license plates etc. They grow their own vegetables, and bottle them to sell at the local farmers markets in the area. The owner has won over 500 tractor pulls in his life, and has all the trophy'es through out their home. They also have around 30 head of cattle, and they never quite got used to me, but I still was able to capture a few nice images of them.


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