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Gallery of Barns, Horses, Church, Country in general

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A Gallery of Barns A Gallery of Barns starts with the two barns but really widens in variety as you go!

I don’t think you are going to be disappointed with gallery! Very professional quality and very good choices make it a keeper! 

When I get an opportunity to share pictures of others, I always jump on it. Everyone has a different interest and passion.

When I ran across Steve, he offered to send me some pictures he had taken on different outings and I found them very interesting and quite good.

As you follow this Photo Gallery you will find a diversity of Barns and I am sure some you are not all acquainted with personally.

The following photos have been taken by one individual and his talent is very visible. He has done a great job.

As you go along we will share where the pictures were taken and some of the surrounding circumstance.!

I like a story, don’t you!   Enjoy!

You can find more of Steve’s photos here.

Rail Fence

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Raleigh NC There's a nice hiking trail near our place, which I go hiking there quite a lot. This past fall offered beautiful colors, and a cool & crisp feeling in the air that lent itself to the beauty of the trail. I was able to capture the feeling of fall and the soft quiet atmosphere that captured my attention. Looking at that image always gives me a peace and comfort, I really love.


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