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Tasty Dinner Recipes and Desserts

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Tasty Dinner Recipes

Tasty Dinner Recipes and Desserts

 We here at Back Roads Living are highlighting some of the best and Tasty Dinner Recipes around.

You will find these recipes to be as diverse as the people who have submitted them. These tasty recipes come from all over the country and are approved by some of the finest cooks on the web!

These recipes are scattered from Sea to shining Sea! They come from California, Utah, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Wisconsin, among others! What a great diversity of food we have here to share with you! 

So, let’s get on to the meat of the matter! No pun intended. 😉

This recipe is a delicious dish served up to us by Laura Pazzaglia

Laura is the proud owner of Hip Pressure Cooking where she has become an authority on pressure cooking.

This tasty recipe will be sure to appeal to all Apple lovers!  

“Instant Pot Baked Apples”

Tasty Dinner Recipes In Lisa’s own words; “This is one of those deceptively easy recipes – that took forever to figure out. Wanting to duplicate my mother’s hour-long oven baked apple down to every detail slowed the process down about a year. I was ready to give up when my husband who won’t eat a fresh apple to save his life but adores baked apples implored me to persevere. Out of frustration and lack of time I just cored and tossed the apples in the cooker with wine and sugar – whatever.

I gave up trying to keep the apples perfectly intact and making look them exactly as my mother had. Baked apples are imperfect, and that’s OK. Some will hold their shape, some won’t, but they will all be tender, creamy and delicious. Sometimes the only thing that keeps you from completing a task – is demanding a perfect outcome before getting started.“ Get the recipe

Get the recipe HERE.


This recipe is submitted to us by Meggan Hill from Culinary Hill.

Meegan is serving up Midwestern food and boy, is it tasty!


Tasty Dinner RecipesIn Meegan’s words; 

This is my Grandma’s recipe and the BEST Macaroni Salad, ever. It has everything you want: Ham, bacon, cheese, eggs, veggies, and a creamy dressing! If bananas are nature’s perfect food, Macaroni Salad is man’s perfect food.

I mean, it contains ALL the food groups and nothing could be more fun to eat.

I have a special place in my heart for macaroni salad. The best one I ever ate was from the long-gone Al’s Town and Country Market in Oxford, a tiny Wisconsin town with a population of 400 or fewer.

Get the recipe HERE.


This delicious Tin Foil Recipe has been submitted to us by Chelsea Lords.

Chelsea is the owner of, Chelsea’s Messy Apron. We have always loved tin foil recipes. The flavor just burst out of them when done right!

“Tin Foil Sausage and Veggies Dinner”

Tasty Dinner RecipesI am going to warn you all right now that I am totally & 100% obsessed with tin foil dinners and there may be about 500+ more tin foil dinners showing up in the next couple of weeks here (sneak-peak: there is a tin foil lemon parmesan crusted salmon coming soon that is ??).

This recent obsession with tin foil dinners is really just a rediscovery.

My mom made a very traditional tin foil dinner every few weeks for us growing up.

She’d cook them in the oven year round and we as kids loved them.

I have to say, we here at Back Roads Living are all in for this one!  I love tin foil cooking!

Get the Recipe HERE.


This delicious looking Salmon Recipe was submitted to us by: Jaclyn Bell.

Jaclyn is the owner of, Cooking Classy and boy does this recipe look classy!

“Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice”

Tasty Dinner RecipesHere you have one of the ultimate summer meals! The first week of summer requires a little celebrating, right?

So why not go all out with dinner tonight and make something special – something tropical like this incredibly delicious Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice!

This is a restaurant-quality meal that you can make and enjoy in the comfort of your own home and it’s packed with fresh, irresistible flavors that will leave you craving more!

Oh my, one of my favorite dishes! Grilled Salmon is and has long been a favorite of mine! This is a must try for the fist lovers!

Get the Recipe HERE!


This recipe is submitted to us by Sue Pressey.

“Bulgogi Korean BBQ Beef”

Tasty Dinner RecipesMy Korean Kitchen is a food blog that talks all about my love and passion for Korean food and Korean fusion food.

It includes step by step pictorial instructions, cultural discussions, and product and restaurant reviews.

My husband suggested that I start some kind of food blog back in March 2006. He often said he had some difficulty finding out about Korean food before he married me. (Back then, there weren’t many Korean food blogs or websites.)

So, originally I aimed to help foreigners living in Korea to give them some tips on living and cooking there. Korean BBQ beef, which is perfect during the grilling season or it simply makes a great family dinner.

Using this cast iron skillet, it can be cooked on the stove top and served in the skillet.

Get the Recipe HERE.


This Recipe had been submitted to us by Paula Hughes.

Paula is the owner of, Chew The World.

“Chili Rubbed Chicken with Scallions and Ranch Potatoes”

Tasty Dinner RecipesWe got to meet Paula online a few weeks back and we able to share one of our recipes with her at that time.

Chew The World is a cooking and food blog focused on providing useful cooking techniques, recipes, and promotions for people who have passion in food and cooking. They present the best tips, tricks, and kitchen gadgets only when They’ve vetted them

Chili Rubbed Chicken with Scallions and Ranch Potatoes This is an easy-to-follow recipe which gives you the combination of the fresh taste of scallions, the blackened and sweet coating and the beautiful adornment of ranch-spiked red potatoes.

Chicken with ranch! Can it get any better? Made in an Enamelware Skillet

Get the Recipe HERE,


This Recipe was submitted to us by, Larry Deane.

“Cheddar and Bacon Macaroni Link”

Tasty Dinner RecipesLarry is a long-time friend and advisor who is an IT Specialist. He also owns Blue Ridge Mountain Life Web Site Where he posts about the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and shares some of his and his wife’s favorite recipes.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep time: 30 minutes (most of that is grating the cheese)

This recipe is a delicious gourmet twist on a classic comfort food recipe.

The recipe makes an exceptionally creamy and buttery base cream sauce, and adds a mixture of sharp and mild cheddar cheese, and bacon!

Absolutely delicious, and a favorite for just about anyone.

Bacon, bacon, bacon, we just can’t get enough bacon! Anything with bacon has to be good!

Get the Recipe HERE.


This Recipe is submitted by our friend, Mish Ravan.

Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore”

Tasty Dinner RecipesMish is the owner of Southern Pinning. I think she really enjoys Pinterest. 😉

My name is Michelle (nickname, Mish). I’m a wife of a wonderful man & mother of 2 boys, pet mom of 2 Shih tzus & 2 kitties!

I live in the Beautiful Northeast Georgia Mountains. I enjoy family time, photography, crafting, decorating and flower gardening to name a few things.

To relax, I love a good cup of Coffee while I shop online at my favorite site, Amazon or catch a great show on Netflix.

Crock pot chicken! It just doesn’t get any more tender and flavorful than when using a crock pot!

You can get the Recipe HERE.


This Recipe has been submitted by, Sarah Olson, the owner of The Magical Slow Cooker.

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash and Turkey in Meat Sauce

Tasty Dinner RecipesSarah started her blog in January 2013. 

This is a recipe I had never even heard of until now! After taking a look at Sarah’s dish, I can hardly wait to try it out.

After researching this a little bit I found out it is also a dish that many folks who are on weight watchers enjoy!

A tasty meal and low calories and low fat! This is a win, win dish.

Sarah lives in Oregon with her husband and 7 year-old.

She makes about 3 or 4 slow cooker meals a week, the other days they either dine out or she makes meals that are super easy to put together.

Well, this one is certainly easy to put together and looks like it will be easier to eat!

You can find the recipe Here!


There you go, these are some delicious recipes from some serious cooks! Give these Tasty Dinner Recipes try and let us know which ones are your favorites.  From Chicken, Beef, Macaroni, Bacon, Salmon, Sausage, and Apples! Goodness, these make me want to get in the kitchen and start trying some of them right now! 

My favorite recipe in this bunch of tasty meals is; the Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice. I am a fish lover and absolutely love grilled salmon! 

My favorite item in this post is the Pressure Cooker. Oh, how I  love these cookers, they can get the job done in a 1/4 of the time or less. 

Be sure to share us on your favorite Social Media and let these wonderful Blog owners know how much you have enjoyed their Tasty Dinner recipes. Oh yes, don’t forget to tell em’ we sent ya!



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