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Update on Rescue Kitten ~ Back Roads Living

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Update on Rescue Kitten ~ Back Roads Living

This is the latest update on our little Rescue Kitten! this is current picture from today!

Back Roads Living Kitten

I said in our original post that living on the Back Roads can have its pitfalls! Well, it also has many blessings disguised as pitfalls! This little Rescue Kitten happened into our lives a few days ago and we thought there was no hope for her but we just could not pass her  by! We brought her home and nursed her since. The first three days she had seizures 

and would just shake violently. this was so hard to watch but there was just nothing we could do. We called the Vet and they called back the following day and we explained what we were doing and how she was doing and the Vet said to just continue what we were doing. It has been 2 days now without and seizures! She had been running and playing and carrying on like a kitten should. She still has a hard time focusing on objects a distance. We can tell by walking around and waving of making noises and she just doesn’t respond the way we think she should.

She has stolen our hearts! She has been so brave and has overcome so much! We hope in the following days that her eyesight gets better. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. You folk are wonderful We have had sever of you ask daily how our little Rescue Kitten is doing and it warm our hearts to know that you all care! All the response to the post on Facebook has been overwhelming!

As of right now she seems to be on the road to a wonderful recovery! Keep up the prayers and well wishes for her! She is such a joy to us!

   Thanks for stopping by Back Roads Living and checking on Rescue Kitten again!

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