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A Chicken in Every Yard

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A Chicken in Every Yard

At one time our United States Department of Agriculture encouraged a chicken in every yard! Back in 1918 there was an article published by Uncle Sam (United States Government), that there needed to be a chicken in every yard! The article stated that by the year 1918 every yard should be contributing to it own bumper crop of fresh eggs! Wow, did they never estimate the debates that would result from this?

Photo by: “Google Books “.

Now when you go into the city’s and towns you better check their ordinances to see if it is even legal to own a chicken in every yard! Many city’s and towns do not allow you to own them within their limits! Size of yard, size of coop, size of family, etc is now taken into account before you can get a permit to raise them. Just recently I published a story of how a city in Florida had stopped the family of a special needs child from owning a chicken. You can read that story “HERE”. . This is a disturbing story to me as it shows how callous the government can be. They had originally granted the family a special permit to own the chicken.

The government article read that 2 chickens in every yard per household member would keep the family in fresh eggs year round!

“Every back yard in the United States should contribute its share to a bumper crop of poultry and eggs in 1918.
In Time of Peace a Profitable Recreation
In Time of War a Patriotic Duty”

Uncle Sam - Copy

Uncle Sam 1

Photos by: “Google Books “.
This certainly has my vote. A chicken in every back yard in America will get me out to vote! I will vote for the chickens! Fresh eggs and fresh meat are a rarity these days! I still remember the time when I grew up and we raised chickens and hogs. In the fall of the year, it was hog-killing time and several of our neighbors raised them just like us and it was fresh meat for the entire winter and spring for most of us! The chickens were always a source of fresh eggs and when they got too old to lay they became a source of fresh meat! Many of the roosters made it to the pot as young and very tender meat! This was a way of life!

I know many people will not kill chickens in today’s society but make pets out of them and that is A-OK with me! I have no problems with that. I just hope folkrealizee when they are purchasing these social animals, and they are very social and likable, they realize they can live up to 10 years or more and that they typically quit laying around 2-3 years of age! This means you will be feeding a pet, just like a cat or dog. It will cost you room and boarding for unproductive hens! 🙂

Many people have begun to take them to animal shelters, this is so wrong! If you do not intend to keep them as pets or eat them then please don’t drop your problems and burden on others! Be responsible! I know there are some city and town ordinances that prohibit the killing of the fowl for consumption inside their city and town limits! I guess if the majority feels this way we have to follow the rules! Wonder if those officials will take them off your hands when they stop laying? 🙂

This articel is not intended to be a political article and any political slur will be deleted in the comments. Liking or disliking and leaving your comment is encouraged  and ok as long as you keep it civil!

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