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Going to Chicken School Chicken University

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Chicken university.

A chicken university, really! What next?

I remember going to School and I was not a very determined student until I was in my last two years of school. I just couldn’t get interested in the classes under any circumstances! I was constantly daydreaming and goofing off! Getting into trouble with the teachers seemed to be a past time of mine and a couple of my friends! We were not a very desirable bunch! Now, if there had been a Chicken School, we might have gotten right in there and stayed for the long haul!

Photo by Beth Lakey-Masters

There are a few city’s and towns after passing ordinances for its residents to own chickens that have been offering teaching residents who want to own chickens some classes on raising and keeping chickens! Chicken University has been born! I kid you not! Some of them are calling it Chicken University!

One of the city officials has stated that the new chicken owner needs a “basic understanding of poultry biology and egg production.”

The ordinance states that “chickens are social, can make good pets, and findings indicate that three to four chickens are sufficient to meet the needs of the average family’s egg consumption”

The number of chickens needed to supply a normal family is 5 and they must be kept in a coop / Hen-house or fenced in enclosure. This ordinance prohibits slaughter (Killing chickens for meat).

All chicken feed must be kept in a pest-proof container and all manure must be kept cleaned up!

The nearest property line must be 20 feet from the coop.

The topics covered in chicken university include,

Managing egg production and the safe handling of eggs

Protecting your flock from predators

Designing chicken coops and houses

Getting Started in poultry farming

If you live within the city limits and plan on keeping chickens the classes are mandatory. no matter how many or how long you have raised chicken you have to go to the class. The initial admission fees are only $5.00 to start with.

Let us know what you think about a city or town offering a class or classes on raising chickens. Do you agree with the Chicken University?

Do you think it Is a useful thing or not worth the time and effort spent?

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