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American Flag Hand made Chalkboards and Antique Barn Lumber !

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American Flag     American Flag Hand made Chalkboards and Antique Barn Lumber

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Hope all is well with you as you read our Blog!  We have been pretty busy since leaving the Store.  What time I haven’t been restrained by the pinched nerve in my back I have been trying to put together some projects made from old antique barn lumber!  We have made American Flags, Chalk Boards, Jewelry Hangers, Etc out of the old antique barn lumber!  This hand made decor would look great in any rustic setting or antique home. This antique barn lumber would lighten up your primitive interior.  We love working with the antique barn lumber and preserving it for the future generations!  It has been difficult in the sense that Sandy and I have both been sick with cold’s of some kind at least  twice each so far this winter!  We are just hoping this new strain of the Flu gets gone before we are exposed to someone with it!  We both think 2-3 times a winter is enough! 🙂
     Our days are getting longer now that we have passed the shortest day of the year and I don’t know about you but boy am I glad!  I miss the long summer days and warm nights.  I am getting older and appreciate the heat more than I used to.  I know,  I know, we have to have the cold and freezing weather to kill out some of the aggravating pests of summer, Mosquitoes, Beetles, Flies, etc. I just wish it could happen without the cold! 🙂
     With the Blog and making small decorative items, Sandy and I have turned a new page in our lives.  I am recovering from the pinched nerve and will be able to get more done now.  I have a good General to lead and give instructions (My wife Sandy).  She isn’t shy when it comes to helping, I mean telling me what to do!  She is a good un! 🙂  She has been my right and left hand while I was really bad with this Sciatic Nerve problem.  We are both very thankful and appreciative for what we have. It may not be much but I am sure it is more than many people have! We are blessed!
     We are glad to accept your stories and ideas as we go along this venture.  Our hope is that we can get enough subscribers and followers to make this all worthwhile!  If you have some stories you want to share drop us a line and as time goes on we may get to post them on here!  Anytime we post a story for you we will always give you the credit for your story!  Well, I guess we will call it an evening and try to rest a little before we call it a night!
     God Bless and keep you all in the days ahead!

  Charles N Sandra K.

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