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Granny’s All American Antique Barn

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Granny’s All American Antique Barn

Mary's Barn (800x567)

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This old Antique Barn reminds me of my Grandmother’s Barn.  We called her Granny!  She was a wonderful person full of laughter and loved all of us grandchildren better than we ever deserved!

Her son, my Uncle, would raise tobacco pretty much each year and all of us kids would either drop tobacco sets, carry water from the creek or use the old hoes and cover the sets!


The Tobacco field set at the front of the old Antique looking barn.  This was a way to make a few dollars through the summer when we were running free and out of school!

After the tobacco setting time was over, we would play in the that Old Antique Barn and have a ball!  Us boys would spend most of a day climbing in the interior  and the rafters and loft during the summer while we were free and out of school! The decor wasn’t much just as most antique barns went. This old American made barn had stalls running down each side and a couple of tiers of rafters to hang the tobacco in. It was a place of freedom, refuge and excitement.

We would swing from beam to beam the entire length of the barn, chasing each other through the top playing tag!  From the interior of the old barn  you could look out either end when the doors were open.  In one direction was Granny’s old house and in the other was the tobacco field.  Those days were filled with fun and laughter and we had no idea that as we grew older they would seem but distant memories to us!

The freedom of those days would fade far and fast as we grew and began to accept responsibilities of our own!  I can remember after the tobacco was hung to dry in the old barn and us boys would sneak into the barn and get leaves of the dried tobacco. I still remember those were some of the sickest times of my life! 🙂 We would roll the tobacco leafs and smoke them. Sometimes they wouldn’t be good and dry (still green) and we would get sick as dogs from it!  Some times we would chew it and get the same results. That old antique barn was the source of many hand rolled cigarettes and cigars!  ( I am laughing now from the memory of it).

I would give anything if you could have been there to enjoy those days with us!  Those days of summer were long, free and enjoyed tremendously! As I look back now, I wish our children and grand children could enjoy the simple fun we did and be able to appreciate the time they have now. I know I miss those days and think on them often. If we could only take them on a trip through that old antique barn and them be able to understand the innocence of the time! Ah, just to be free and an American is a wonderful thing!

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Thank you for traveling down an American Back Road with us today. We hope you enjoyed your trip to this old antique barn as much as we did.
Luv Y’all!

Charles N Sandra K.

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