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Skillet Cake Recipe Free and Easy to Bake!

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Skillet Cake Recipe Free and Easy to Bake!

Skillet Cake

Went grocery shopping yesterday evening to get some items to make a skillet cake and sweets that I recently got a free recipe for and it took up the entire evening!  I was wanting to get a post on then but was just too tired to think!  Sometimes my mind gets like that.  Kinda like a blank page and I run out of ideas, πŸ™‚  I put the easy recipe together baked that luscious Skillet cake we posted in our Free Recipes section here and ate it with Caramel flavored Ice Cream and it was sooooooo good!  I am just glad it was easy to bake. I like free easy recipes and I like good ideas for new recipes! Yes, I ate every bite, except the first one! When I came through to the computer and Sandy saw it, well, you know who got the first bite of my easy Skillet Cake!

Needless to say, she followed up with a bowl of her own. We have several other terrific free and easy recipes that we are going to share with you as the days and weeks go on.  Even thought it would be a good idea, we can’t fix one every other day though! We would begin to look like elephants if we did.  I love home baked sweets and easy to make recipes. Of course, I love all the home baked stuff our mother made, most of hers were from scratch!  For those younger folk who don’t know what scratch means, all home made from several ingredients! It didn’t come out of a box.  Gosh, those were good!  I can still remember the smell of the pies, cakes, or cookies baking in the oven and not being able to wait until they were done and ready to eat.  It was like a three-ringing circus sometimes watching us kids diggin’ into the cake or home baked sweets!  You can find the free recipe for this scrumptious Skillet Cake in our Recipe section.

Ingredients for Skillet Cake:

  • 1 Box of cake mix of your choosing. We used Devils Food Cake.
  • One can of frosting of your choice. We chose chocolate.
  • 1/2 cup of pecans cut up into pieces.

Directions for Skillet Cake:

Mix your cake batter according to box directions, spray Pam or use butter to grease the skillet. We use a 10 inch cast iron skillet. Pre heat oven according to box directions. Pour mixed batter into skillet and bake according to box directions.

While cake is baking you can put your frosting into a bowl and add Pecans. Stir in Pecans. Set aside until the cake is out of the oven and cooled off some. We left out a few to garnish the top with!

Add your frosting and scatter the Pecans over the top! Now my favorite part! Go get you some Ice Cream out and put 2-3 big scoops on your Cake and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


  • ice cream (for serving)
  • caramel sauce (for serving; this one is delicious!)
  • whipped cream (for serving)


Thanks for stopping by Back Roads Living again!

Wishing you a blessed day! πŸ™‚


Charles N Sandy K.

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