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Brute Force Attack on WordPress Sites Users – Change Username and Password

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     April 9th 2013 a Brute Force attack on WordPress Sites took place against all WordPress users on iPage and across the internet. This attack affected thousands of users and several times had the users accounts blocked by iPage and other host in order to stop the Attackers from accessing their accounts. “This attack is leveraging a botnet which looks to have more than one hundred thousand different computers at its disposal”

     As many of you know once you download your WordPress Site and it is setup your log-in is “Admin”! All WordPress users have this setting and the system tells you it cannot be changed. iPage recommended we check our passwords by selecting a strong password. to help protect you against any Brute force attack on your WordPress Sites. selecting a strong password.

     I feel like iPage did a good job protecting our accounts.
Now, back to the User Name, “Admin” This can be changed but not without deleting your current Admin account first!

Here is how I did it! WordPress 3.5.1 using TwentyEleven Theme

(1) Log-in to your WordPress site

(2)Select Mouse over “Users” select “Your Profile” from your Dashboard

(3) Scroll down to your E-mail settings and add a 1 at the end of your it to

(4) Save this!

(5) go to Users select “Add New”

(6) Fill out form and select Send Password so you will have it in your email..Select a “STRONG” Password! Check out the link above for “selecting a strong password”. Be sure to write down your new user name and password. This new one will be the one you use from now on!

(7) For the “Role” select “Administrator”

(8) Select “Add New User”

(9) Log out of your WordPress Account

(10) Log back in as the new Administrator

(11) Select the old Administrator and delete that account. At this point the system will ask you what to do with all of your post! At this point it is “VERY IMPORTANT” to select your new admin name to save them to!

From now on you have a new admin Log-in Name and Password.

So, it can be done!

Note, If you do something wrong be sure to contact your hosting site for assistance.

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