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The Preppers Home Check List

The Preppers Home Check List

A Preppers Home Check List

     In the very near future, you need to make yourself what I would call a Preppers Home Check List! When I say near future, I really mean RIGHT NOW! 

     There are things happening thaw we do not have much control over and we need to be prepared or the worst. We can always hope for the best but the best does not always happen as we see it. 

Create a menu before shopping.

     Before you go to the store, create a menu so that you know what you need. The easiest to prep is by “meal” instead of by separate ingredients. By creating a meal plan that includes very inexpensive options for lunches and dinners, you can help your limited funds go further. You probably won’t be able to eat your flavorful dishes if times get tough. You need to make the best choices you can while still feeding yourself.

     Some ideas for inexpensive “filler” meals are:

  • Fried rice
  • Cereal
  • PB&J sandwiches
  • Tuna salad with crackers
  • Pasta and canned sauce
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut butter and crackers
  • Beans and rice
  • Canned soup
  • Canned pasta
  • Ramen noodles
  • Eggs and toast (Especially if you own chickens)

     I know these are not very glamorous foods but they will sustain you in tough times. 

     If times get really tough, you may need to cut your meals down to two and possibly one healthy meal a day and fill in with snacks of fruit or vegetables in between meals. 

     When shopping, double up if possible. Purchase one to use in your meal rep and one to put back in the pantry for later use. Do this every time you shop if possible!  

  • Vegetable juice (makes a delicious and nutritious soup base)
  • Pasta
  • Cans of sauce
  • Dried beans
  • Rice
  • Potato flakes

     We hope things do not get as bad as they can in a short time. But just in case, you need to be prepared! 

     A Water Supply. 

     I have another video on water here on YouTube

     Don’t throw away your 2 liter bottle, juice bottles, etc. Use them to store drinking water! 

     You need 1 gallon of water per person and pet per day for drinking. If you have buckets, containers, etc. You can fill them and put them aside if you have space for cleaning, bathing, flushing, etc. Catch rain water if it is legal in your state!  

     Purchase a water filtering device of some kind and find out where lakes, ponds, streams, etc are located in your area in case you have to use them. 

     Do a Home Inventory

     Sometimes we don’t know or remember what we have until we do an inventory of it.

     Check your medicine! Make sure you have what you need.  If you have prescription medicines, have the pharmacy fill them as far out as possible. 

     Check your First Aid Kit! Be sure you have everything in there you need! Sometimes folks use stuff out of these and forget to replace the items used! Pick up some Cheesecloth. Check out our Video on When the Food Runs Out.

     Create a Kit to go to in case of a power outage. Know where it is and make it easy to get to! Flashlights, battery powered and solar, lighters, matches, batteries,.  ORganize all this stuff. Clean up the clutter and make it easy to access! 

Home Security

    Your home needs not only to be warm and comfortable as possible but it needs to be as secure as possible as well. 

     Walk around the perimeter of your home and see if you can determine where your weakest access point is! Work on that and secure it better! 

     Secure windows and try to make it possible to see you property from your windows.  If you can’t see something because of shrubs, ets, it only gives someone a place to hide! You may want to trim or lower outside bushes enough so folks can’t use them to hide from you! 

     Check your locks, are they sufficient?  Do you have deadbolts?  Can you doors and windows be secured if needed? 

     Here is one possible solution for windows: Smash Resistant Window Film

     Keep your personal defense weapons in a place of easy access for yourself. Always keep them from children but if you need them, you need them! 

     Save all Important Personal Information

     Mortgage papers


     Insurance Policies

     Identification Cards

     Medical Records, Etc.  Anything you feel is important. 

     Keep all together in a folder or something that you can grab all at once if needful! 

     Also make copies and scan them and put in a fireproof safe, save them to cloud storage if you have it. Store in a safe place.  Be creative. People buried money in jars in the back yard many times! 

Learn New Skills

     This is one of the most mentioned things I hear from seasoned Homesteaders or Preppers! Learn how to do stuff!!!

     Do you know how to cook? No, then learn how to make basic meals from cheap canned goods as well as flour and meals!

     Do you know how to sew? No, then Learn how to sew basic buttons, rips and tears! 

     Do you know how to hunt or fish? No, then learn how, it may come down to that!

    Do you know how to handle a weapon you own? No, then learn how, NOW!

     There are tons of stuff we can all do if we put our minds to it! The information online is endless! Many sites have free information and all you need to do is spend the time to read and practice the information out there!

     Be blessed and keep the faith! 

     Check out our other Prepping Videos Here.

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