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Chicken Review Mobile Chicken Coops

Mobile Chicken Coops


Chicken coops have come a long way from a few years ago from a huge non-movable house to a smaller yard friendly coop on wheels. There are a few Chicken Coops that you can build or purchase that have wheels so you can move them around your yard and keep the grass from being over grazed.

Many of the Chicken Coops that are pre-built without wheel can be modified pretty easily with just a couple of rubber wheel barrow wheels and an axle. These Chicken Coops preserve the grass and help maintain a nice yard in spite of the Chickens grazing your yard.

If you want to know How to build Chicken Coops Click Here!

Here is another article from Chickens in the News by Chicken review!
Milan Resident has rolling Chicken Coop in backyard
The backyard at the home of Christine and Councilman Mike Williams on County Street has something not found in many other yards.

The peculiar looking chartreuse-colored box that sets on wheels is a rolling chicken coop complete with chickens.

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