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Backyard fresh eggs vs. store-bought: They taste the same

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Backyard fresh eggs vs. store-bought

fresh eggs vs. store-bought

Chicken Review has often wondered about Backyard Eggs and store bought eggs! Do they taste the same? I have enjoyed tons of fresh eggs over the years and I have to say I have enjoyed them immensely! I love eggs period! Give me a couple of fried eggs and bacon or sausage or country ham or, I think you get the picture! Throw in a couple of good buttered toast and I have a meal fit for a king! 
I always thought the country (fresh Chicen Coop) eggs taste better than those store bought eggs! I have never done a taste test with them side by side but just thought because they were fresh and right out of the Coop they were tasting much better than the store bought ones!

Well, I am fixin to create a stir here! I just read an article about a comparison of store bought eggs compared to fresh eggs! I was shocked to say the least! Almost too dazed to write this article! I for one have always said those store bought eggs just don’t measure up to a good fresh egg right out of the coop!  Well,…..let me tell you! They had a study done on this very thing a few years ago!

When I began reading the article I thought, here we go, finally, a proof positive way to crow about these fresh eggs once and for all! Well, they cooked and fried and boiled and made cakes and cookies and near everything you could make out of eggs and used both store bought and fresh in each recipe! Those folks tasted and ate eggs to I just imagine they probably never want to eat another one!

The results, They all taste the same!!! How can that be? This just can’t be true! Fresh eggs have to taste better just because they are fresh and our chickens laid em!! Well, I am sorry but I have been disappointed! I am sure you have also! In all these test the yolks were not seen and the recipes cooked the same and everything was on an even playing field! In the end the prognosis was, they all taste so close that you just can’t tell unless you know which egg you are eating! HOW CAN THIS BE?

I don’t care what they say! I still like the fresh egg the best! I will pick the fresh egg over the store bought every time I can! I wonder if this was some kind of conspiracy against our chickens! Hmm, I am going to have to go get me a fresh eggs and try this thing against a store bought one! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I don’t think I ever read this in my Hobby Farm Home Magazines!

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The Washington Post had a pretty good article on this also! A good read if you have the time!

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