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Chocolate Cigars The Non-Smokers Gift!

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Chocolate Cigars

I know, who would have thought of Chocolate Cigars?

Well it appears they were thought of many many years ago by a company called Hawley & Hoops candy factory. This company manufactured the candy cigarettes also. The business was housed in a building located on Jersey Street in NY City.

Chocolate Cigars are a wonderful item to use as gifts for those who are non smokers or who are allergic to smoke. I do not smoke and can’t be in a room or confined space with smokers but I would love a box of these! I love chocolate and some of these are just wonderful!

These Chocolate cigars  make it so easy for non smokers to participate in giving to those new baby’s fathers!



 Chocolate Cigars

Madelaine Milk Chocolate Cigar, It’s A Boy, 24 ct

This is a solid milk chocolate cigar and wrapped in the traditional blue foil to represent a boy. It’s a Boy is printed on the cigar wrap. This box has 24 cigars and as advertised, chocolate cigars! A great gift for the non smoking family. They have a 4 STAR rating from reviews on our affiliate web site.

Chocolate Cigars

Royale Chocolate Cigars in Cigar Box pack of 12

Made of milk chocolate and a nice change from the smoke that always accompanies the regular cigars. These are sold individually so if you want a box, you need to order 12. These have a 4 STAR rating from reviews on our affiliate web site.

Chocolate Cigars

Royale Milk Chocolate Cigars in 3 Pc Cigar Gift Box

This is a milk chocolate cigar in a nice gift box. This makes a wonderful gift when you don’t want to or don’t have the extra money to spend on a not very close friend but someone you still want to know you are thinking of them. This set has a 5 STAR rating from the affiliate web site.

Chocolate Cigars

Novelty Indulgence – Its A Girl Milk Chocolate Cigars, Box of 24

What better way to tell everyone your sweet baby girl has arrived that to hand out these chocolate cigars for entertainment. Works great in the smoke free environments in a the hospitals! This has a 4 STAR review with our affiliate.

Chocolate Cigars

“It’s a Boy” Royale Chocolate Cigars in Cigar Box

This is a premium, all natural chocolate cigar! This cigar is wrapped in fine foil to represent an actual cigar! Comes in a 12 count cigar box. A great way to kick the habit with a order of premium chocolate cigars! This cigar has a 4.5 STAR review from our affiliate.

There are several other cigars to choose from on our affiliate site. Stop by and browse the selection. I am sure you will find a cigar to your taste! Go ahead, light up, I mean,… enjoy your cigars!

Cigars have been given out for many reasons throughout the years and some are traditional such as, at the birth of a child.

Chocolate cigars have been proven to be outstanding giveaways at all kind of events and ceremonies. These include, wedding receptions, , birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers. Fundraisers are another great way to use chocolate cigars. Use them at annual company meetings and client parties. They are great for any event. Just use your imagination and the list above will grow.

Cigars have long been a staple of the rich and as time passed and manufacturers began mass producing them they became available for everyone. Smoking is a hobby for many instead of a habit. The rich and famous have made this a hobby instead of an addiction like cigarette smoking. Smoking cigars has been a class or social standing signal for many years.

!! For your information ~ A Cigar Price List for the rich and famous !!

Many cigars are made that are very expensive. Some of the following are cigars that only the more wealthy would want to indulge in!

The following prices are for one (1) cigar. These are not the Chocolate Cigars we are featuring in this article. These are actual cigars that you can buy from the manufacturers. This is for inquisitive purposes only.

  • Padron Serie 1926 80th Anniversary Maduro Torpedo Single Cigar = $30.00 + 
  • Cohiba Esplendido Mfg in Havana Cuba = $35.00 
  • Stradavarius = $35.00
  • Louixs Mfg by Goldwin Metropolitan Company = $50.00
  • King of Denmark, made by order and monogrammed with the customer name = $75.00
  • Cohiba Behike = $470.00
  • Gurkha Black Dragon, Box of Ten = $1,150.00 ( The most expensive on the market )

You can find the rest of the list of cigars above “HERE”

Did I mention these are not for the working class? If not, I should have! I certainly would not smoke them on our budget! If I were rich, I still would not smoke them.

Leave us your thoughts and comments below.

I will opt for the chocolate cigars above and bypass all the smoke! A great way to enjoy a fine cigar and still breathe easily. Go ahead and indulge in a box of fine chocolate cigars. Who said you had to share or give them away?


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