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Corn Bread Most Diversified Bread in the Home

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Corn Bread the Country WayCorn Bread

I guess Corn Bread in my favorite of all the baked bread.  There are numerous was to make it and it can be eaten with a variety of meals including breakfast foods!  I always, always fix mine in a Cast Iron Skillet!  I have two different size skillets that I use for Corn Bread!  One is a 10 inch and the other a 6 inch.  Both are seasoned so well that the corn bread will slide right out when removed from the oven.   The way I fix mine,

Use 1/2 to 3/4 cups of self-rising flour and 1/2 to 3/4 cups of self-rising corn meal and one egg for the 6-inch skillet.
Use 1 cup each for the 10 inch.
I have never measured my milk. Sorry.  I just add it to the flour/corn meal mix as I stir until the mix is a little thicker than cake mix.
Buttermilk is great with this or regular 2% will work fine also.  If you run short on milk finish up with a little water.  The more milk the better!
I have a gas range and I bake mine on 375*.
I use about 1 tablespoon of lard (Crisco) and let my skillet heat up in the oven before I pour in my mix. It needs to be hot enough so when you add the mix it is sizzling in the pan as you add it.  (Be careful when you remove the skillet, it will be “HOT”,  use an oven mitt or something) Hint: if you have any leftover bacon grease, add a little of it with a tablespoon of butter. This works wonders also!
I have never timed it either as I always am baking it as I cook and check it every few minutes.  I am guessing around 20 minutes.  Just check it every 5-10 minutes and when the top is good and brown and the edge of the corn bread has drawn away from the side of the skillet it is done.

We eat this with dinner of most any kind. It is also used at our house during lunch or dinner with fried eggs and sausage or bacon. Any other meat is good with it also. It is wonderful hot or cold with a glass of milk. Just crumble the bread in the glass and add the milk and eat your heart out!  Cut a hot piece in half lengthwise and add a little butter and honey and put the top back on and it is scrumptious!

Country cooking just can’t be beat! As I said there are several recipes for corn bread this is just the old one passed down to me that my family has used for years! I was raised on this and will always enjoy the smell of fresh corn bread coming out of the oven!


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