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Cottages of Past and Present

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Mountain Cottage

A cottage is a most wonderful place to admire and view. It brings us to a place of comfort and longing. Although there is usually always hard work associated with them, they bring a lot of good and pleasant memories.  This gallery full of 10 cottages are from all walks of life and different places as well.  They are all different but yet so much alike in the fact that each cottage housed hard working individuals!

Scroll through our cottage gallery below and leave us your thoughts and comments! We appreciate you stopping by Back Roads Living and viewing these terrific cottages of past and present.



The Kids' Cottage at Bunjaree

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The Kids' Cottage is near to Waratah Cottage (background), but still far enough away for kids to have fun. This series of images was taken at Bunjaree Cottages near Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. Photo by:


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