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Fall of the Year or the Autumn Season

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Fall of the year

Fall of the Year

Autumn is called fall of the year or known as such in the United States and Canada! This is the season that many folks look forward to because of the color in the trees and brush. Much of this is along creek, river or lake banks and the colors reflect off the water making for some beautiful photography!

This is also a time for harvest. This season always renders some of the tastiest vegetables and as the weather begins to cool, cooks begin to cook and bake more regular. It is also a time of celebration!

I truly love this time of year but I always dread the shorter daylight time! As winter will follow this season it becomes very bleak and cold! Still, fall of the year with it’s colors is so beautiful! I will try not to look too forward this year and enjoy the easy temps and beauty!

Halloween comes around this time of year. This is a holiday I personally don’t care for myself! It has way too many ties to the darker side of life to suite me! It’s history also makes me not want to be any part of it! I love the time of year but not the holiday!

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