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Reflections of our Country Life

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Mary's Barn (800x567)Good Morning friends! I just wanted to share so reflections of our country. It looks like it is going to be a great day and the sun is up and shining!  Sandy is smiling and it just makes my day go by better when it is like this!  As I look out the window I see the cattle grazing in the field and the birds swooping in and out of their fresh built nest in the trees and bushes around the pasture field.  Ahhhh, the Country Life!  We are truly enjoying all of you who have liked our Facebook page Back Roads Living and are leaving comments here on the Blog and Facebook.  It thrills us that you think enough of our post to do that.

We try to bring ya a little sunshine each day as we all need some!  A smile goes a long way when we are feeling down or depressed and we want to give ya a smile if we can in this world of chaos and uncertain events!  You never know the pain that is behind the smile or eyes of the person you are talking to!  If we can just give them a little hope and encouragement it might make the difference in some small or even great way!  We never know sometimes how much we influence others by our response to a simple question that may mean more to the person asking than we can ever understand.

Looking over the last week we have come to appreciate where we live a great deal more.  We have always enjoyed the Back Roads and love the Country Life as it is but after all the things that have happened it helps to to reflect and be more appreciative of our lives and heritage here in the country!

Our hearts go out to all the victims and families of the Bombing in Boston and Texas! The explosion in Texas at the fertilizer plant was a horrible accident and it will scar the lives of the people involved for the remainder of some of their lives as will the Bombings in Boston!

     The media and politicians can argue the facts and causes and all that but it still remains that America has been attacked on it’s own soil again and to me that is terrorism! No matter where the bombers are or were from it still remains a fact that they intended to kill and terrorize people!

Our hearts ache for the ones who lost their loved ones. Our prayers and thoughts remain for all of them and you if you are reading this. My hope is that we can continue to see the good in the “good people” of our great nation and continue to trust in God and his mercies. We should never forget the evil that is present but not let it hide the good that we so need to embrace!  Again, We hope you have a wonderful day and may it be full of happiness and joy and may each of you bask in the ~Blessings~ of God and each other!

P.S, Always be thankful for our First Responders!