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Strawberry Pie made with Jello & Pudding

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Strawberry Pie made with Jello

Strawberry Pie made with Jello & Pudding

This is a remarkable tasting Strawberry Pie made with Jello! When I first heard of this pie, I had very serious doubts as to the taste of it.

It is not made as the normal instructions on the boxes call for. There is Strawberry Jello and Vanilla Cook and Serve Pudding in this and the pudding is what threw me.

When I think of Vanilla Pudding, I think of banana pudding, not Strawberry Pie!

Did you know, Strawberries are not technically berries, they are considered fruit!

You see the box calls for milk in the pudding but our recipe bypasses the milk and keeps the calories and fat down in the recipe!

This pie can be made with sugar-free jello, or the regular jell, the choice is yours! If you are on a strict diet, you might want to use the sugar-free. If not, the regular is still very low in fat and calories.

This would be great for a Weight Watchers Strawberry Pie! I think the points values will be very low per piece.

As with most pies, we divide this one into 8 sections and come up with about 2 Weight Watchers points per piece using regular jello and 1 point per piece using regular jello.

How to make Strawberry Pie made with Jello

Strawberry Pie made with Jello

Ingredients for pie

4 cups of fruit (Depending on the size of the pie plate and if you use a pie crust or not) (We used between 2 – 3 cups of cut strawberries)
1 pkg. of sugar-free jello (We used regular 3.oz package. Oops, our jello package is turned backward :))
1 pkg. Sugar-free vanilla cook & serve pudding (We used regular 3.oz pack)
2 cups of water. (Some folks use 1 3/4 cups so the jello sets more firmly)

Did you know, Strawberries are perennials and they grow back every year!

Instructions for pie

To make this add the water in a pot or medium kettle & sprinkle the pudding into the water.

Bring to a boil and remove from the heat & sprinkle the jello into the mixture.

Mix them together well.

Set aside and allow to cool.

Put the cut up fruit in a pie pan.

Pour jello and pudding mix over the fruit.

Let set in the refrigerator until firm.

No crust is necessary.

Serve with Cool Whip.

Did you know, Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring of the year!


If you are on a Weight Watchers Diet use light cool whip.

If you are watching points, omit the crust and use only sugar-free products.

If I calculated it right there is only 1 point per ΒΌ of the pie when using all sugar-free products.

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