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New Tobacco Stick Projects

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Tobacco Stick ProjectsTobacco Stick Projectsare some of the easiest projects you can do. These projects will come together pretty easily and they do not take up a lot of time.

These are the new Tobacco Stick Projects that we have been working on. We paint them or leave them in the natural wood look. They all are unique in their own sense in that no two sticks are the same! Some ends are sharper and each has its own features.

We have another style that uses 3 sticks instead of 4 and all of these are listed in our “Items for Sale” Folder.  These would be great additions to your primitive or antique decor. If you are interested in any of these just drop us a line or you can buy them from our “Items for Sale” folder. These are great if you want lettering on them. They can be used for,

  1. Valentines Day
  2. Birthdays
  3. Weddings
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Home Addresses
  6. Children’s Names and Birthdays
  7. Grand Children’s Names and Birthdays
  8. Business Names / When established
  9. Great Gift Items
  10. Etc

These come in the Green or Red seen in the pictures. You can get them unfinished and paint your own for a brighter splash of color on your wall. Paint each one a different bright color that compliments the other for some unique wall art!

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