Terror at the Church on the Hill

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Terror at the Church on the Hill

Terror at the Church


I remember a time when I was around 7 or 8 years old.  I was living with my Grand Mother, we called her Granny!  I lived with her by choice and not necessity!  She was one of the people whom I loved most in my life and she will always hold a special place in my memories!  Anyway, on to the story!  I had heard some talk about church, probably Granny talking on the old party line to some of her friends!

If you don’t know what party line was, back in the day we had to share a telephone line with other families in the neighborhood.  Sometimes there would be 4-5 homes using the same line! If you wanted to make a call you had to wait until none of the other families were on the line!  Lord the gossip that was shared and repeated in those days! 🙂  

At some point, I became curious about this ordeal they talked about!  “Going to Church” as it was called.  I would hear granny say to Aunt Ellen (she wasn’t our real aunt but treated us like she was) Well, I will get off here and let you get ready to “Go to Church.”   One day I ask my Granny, what is “Going to Church”?   She in her loving way tried to explain what it was to someone who had never been told about Church, Salvation, Christianity, etc.

You see, we had never been to church and I didn’t have a clue what it was about!  I didn’t know a Baptist, Holiness, Christian or any other denomination from the other. I would ask Granny from time to time what it was like to go to church!  One evening she said, Charles, they are having church (Meaning the church would be holding a service) tomorrow evening up at Jeff’s Church, if you want to know what church is about why don’t you walk up there and sit in with them tomorrow.  Well, I thought that would be a good idea!

So Saturday evening comes around and just before church time I headed out up the road intent on finding out what it meant to go to church and finding out what a Christian was!  The church was about 1/8 of a mile from my Granny’s house and it set up on a hill. I got there just before the service began and took a seat near the back door of the church.

Everyone was jubilant and friendly and the ladies and men would all speak or smile as they passed and I was beginning to think, this is something I am going to like!  Well, they started the service with some songs and I really enjoyed them and was thinking this is ok.

Then a man got up behind the pulpit, (He was a preacher at the church I assume) I wasn’t familiar with all the positions in a church as I had never been to one.  So, as he began to speak he became more and more excited and the church congregation began to really get into what he was talking about!  His speech became louder and more excited and all of a sudden this lady in the congregation jumps up and starts talking in what I thought was a foreign language ( I later found out it was called talking in tongues).

Can you imagine my surprise, someone here in Owens Hollow, KY can speak French or something!  Well, as she gets louder and louder and more and more excited she begins to run!  I mean run! She ran around the pulpit, she ran around the seats, up and down the isle, I was none the least getting concerned at this point!   She comes back down the aisle and makes a U turn right beside my seat and has this wild look in here eyes as she does!

Back up to the front of the church and straight to the piano!  She starts banging on the piano and singing in that same foreign language!  I don’t care to say I starting to wonder if I might should have stayed home!  Now the Preacher got back into it and the rest of the church start to get into the singing!  You talk about confused and excited, I was getting excited to but not in the same sense that they were!

All of a sudden this lady jumps up from the piano and starts running back and forth in front of the pulpit back and forth and back and forth still speaking in that foreign language!  Then it happened! She fell dead, right there in church. Oh, I thought she was dead. She fell flat out on the floor and I thought she had died! The men came running with a sheet and covered her up and it just about scared me to death!

Terror at the Church beyond my belief!

I broke and ran out the church door like the devil himself was after me!  I never stopped until I went through the front door at Granny’s! When she saw me it just about scared her to death! I guess the terrified look on my face and the excitement worried her quite a bit.

When ask to slow down and tell what was wrong, I began to explain about the church service, that there was a woman at church had fell dead and they covered her with a sheet!

At his point my Granny starts laughing almost uncontrollably! I don’t think I ever saw her laugh that hard before of after!  Needless to say, it was many years before I went to church again! I think of this many times and it brings back so many good memories and thoughts of my childhood!

Thanks for traveling down a Back Road with us today.

Have a blessed day! 🙂

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