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Antique Dresser Mirror Frame Shelf ~ Back Roads Living

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Shelf 5 (1024x899)

This is a Wall shelf I made from and Antique Dresser Mirror. If you would like to know how just follow the link below for pictures and instructions!

You can read how I did this on further down. Thanks.

First, clean the Antique Dresser Frame and then do a little sanding (be sure to wear a dust mask)  just to remove some of the old finish and help your paint stick a little better. Fill any holes or cracks you don’t want showing with wood filler, not wood putty. The putty does not set like the filler! After the filler has set sand it down smooth, again wear the dust mask!

Choose your board for your shelf! I used a piece of Hard Maple I had laying around in my wood pile. Measure and cut it the length of your frame bottom. I rounded the shelf edges with a rasp and then sanded them smooth but you can take the edge off with sand paper if you don’t have something else to round it with. Always wear a dust mask when sanding! The small dust particles can aggravate your sinuses something terrible! (I know from experience)

Pre-drill and counter sink holes for your screws to attach your shelf to the frame. These will need filled also with the wood filler and sanded.

Now you are ready for your first layer of primer. We used Valspar White Primer. We added 2 more coats of Valspar Antique White and two strips of wire to hang items on and it is ready for your wall!

Thanks for traveling down a Back Roads with us again!



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