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Barn Wood Chalk Boards Making Progress!

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Barn Wood Chalk Boards

barn wood


Hello all, working with Barn Wood is a pleasure that has to be grown into sometimes. It can be very hard to learn to work with the rough cuts of lumber if you are not used to it.

It was a little colder today than I had anticipated. The sun came out and was beautiful but the wind was very cool and made it a very difficult day to work outside.

We worked with this wood for a pretty good while and created frames, signs, flags, etc. It was very rewarding and exciting to see all the projects come together. 

These seem to be pretty popular and are starting to sell for us! Thank God for the blessings he sends our way! 

Just wanted to drop a line and say hello to all out followers and keep you up to date on our progress with the handmade items and Blog.

We have begun a new chapter in our lives since this was first published and we are now getting a little older and have passed down the running and finding of all this stuff to the younger generation ad now they can do with it as they choose.

Our goals are to provide a blog/website that will be a blessing and provide lots of information for our readers.

We have added a lot of Photo Galleries and will be adding more as we go along. 

So, be sure to check out all of the Menus above and see what you can enjoy and be sure to leave us a comment on how you are doing.

No Barn Wood Projects in progress for now

At the present time, we are no longer making any handmade items. You can still find some beautiful Chalkboards from out affiliate above!

There are tons to choose from and the prices range a great deal also! 

God is still working on us both and I guess He always will. We are a work in progress.  ~Blessings~



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