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Grilled Cheese Mayo Dippers Recipe

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Easy Grilled Cheese Mayo Dippers Recipe

We have forever loved Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I had not made Grilled Cheese Mayo Dippers before but had made the grilled sandwiches many times.  We like showing the actual pics and letting you in on all the mess-ups and make overs, etc.

(Hint, you will need a good cheese slicer if you use block cheese.)

As we all know, sometimes recipes do not turn out the way the photo cropped versions show them! Everyone wants their photos to look the best and we are no different but in some cases it is just what it is! Grilled cheese is just grilled cheese.

These Dippers are a terrific dish and taste well, like grilled cheese!  Kids will love the shape and the fact that they can be torn apart and dipped into your favorite dish!  We love Tomato Soup with out Grilled Cheese!

(Hint, A good quality skillet works best)

Normally we make a bowl of tomato soup and have it with the Grilled Cheese but in this case it could be used as a dipping sauce for the dippers and would work great! I made these with block cheese that I had sliced myself! Let me give you a little inside help, if you do not have a good cheese slicer, buy pre-sliced cheese for these!!  Also, the fresher the bread the better it rolls and do not make super tight rolls!

Easy Grilled Cheese Mayo Dippers Recipe

This recipe is for 6 dippers. You can make as many as you want!

  • 6 – Pre Sliced cheese slices
  • 6-Slices fresh sandwich bread
  • 1-Stick Butter


Directions Easy Grilled Cheese Mayo Dippers Recipe

Using a good pre heated square skillet, add enough butter to cover it generously as we are going to be turning the dippers to brown. (Medium heat)

Using a flat counter surface or Good Flat Cookie Sheet, line with parchment paper.

Place bread on paper and lay another piece over the bread.

Grilled Cheese Dippers Recipe


Using a Kitchen Dough Roller, flatten the bread.

Add cheese slices and roll

Turn heat up a little on the skillet, Medium High.

Place the dippers In the skillet with seam down and gently press to get the seam to hold.

As the dipper browns turn until the entire roll is brown and the cheese melted.

Grilled Cheese Dippers Recipe

Remove and serve with your favorite dish! You can use tomato soup, tomato ketchup or mayonnaise.

Grilled Cheese Dippers Recipe


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