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Instant Pot Chicken With Side Dishes

Instant Pot Chicken

How to make Instant Pot Chicken

     When making a meal of Instant Pot Chicken and sides we are normally feeding 3 people and we enjoy leftovers the following day.

     A family size pack of boneless chicken breast of 5-7 pieces with side dishes will normally feed us for two days.

     We prefer rice and broccoli for our sides but you can fix anything you want. Pretty much any vegetable would be good with this. 

     In the video below, we used our last fresh tomato of the season and it was good! 

     We always trim the fat, gristle, etc.chicken and save back the trimmings for another purpose we will divulge at the end of the article. Never throw away your trimmings regardless of fat or gristle. 

     We always rinse them before trimming then rinse them again afterwards. Since this is going to be put in water there is no need to pat them dry. 

Ingredients for Instant Pot Chicken

     We normally make Instant Pot Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots.  Of course if you have room in your pot, you can add broccoli or another vegetable if you choose but this is all we put in our pot.

     It usually takes somewhere between 6-8 normal size potatoes, peeled and cut in halt and somewhere around 6-8 carrots scraped and sliced.

     Everything gets rinsed before adding it to the pot. Sometimes they get rinsed two or three times depending on the process.

     We add 3/4 - 1 cup of water to the pot then add our chicken. We season the chicken before we add it to the pot. We like onion powder, poultry or chicken seasoning and garlic of any kind. We pick these up at the Dollar Tree and sometimes you can find the large containers like the Garlic Pepper in the Video below.

     You can always season this any way you choose. before or after adding the chicken. Next, we add the potatoes and salt and pepper them.  Last we add the carrots and salt them also. I promise this will not be too much salt. Don't overfill your pot, always leave a little room at the top.

     We normally have to add salt after this comes out of the pot!   

instant pot chicken

Settings for the Instant Pot Chicken

     Our Farberware Instant Pot setting for Chicken is "No. 6".  I do not know what the settings for other makers are?  Be sure to read your instructions on your instant pot before cooking in it. Know what settings are for all your meals. 

       If I recall correctly, all instant pots need to have the steam release closed during the cooking process.  See the video below. Regardless of anything you hear, read! Read the instructions so you know first hand how to operate the brand and model you own. Always be safe with high pressure cookers of any kind.

     These seem to be extremely safe to me and mine has a lid lock that cannot be opened until the pressure is released, before the steam has been let out. I would assume all the others operate in like manner but again, read the instructions.

     After locking the lid, select your correct setting and turn the instant pot on. 

Our Favorite Sides

1.  Chicken Fried Rice:  We get this at WalMart, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc. It is a very popular brand of product and many stores carry it. It can also be added to your short term prepping supplies as it has a descent shel life to it! This is a very easy rice to fix and has a great taste with chicken.

2.  Broccoli:  WE purchase the broccoli florets in the frozen section when the garden season is over.  These are also a very easy item to prepare. They can be heated in a kettle on the stove top or heated in the microwave. All this can be timed for when the chicken and other vegetables will be coming out of the pot.

3.  Cornbread: We make our own Southern Cornbread here and we like it very much. We slice up an onion and if we have them fresh, a tomato.  Here is the link for our Cornbread.

Filling up the Plate

     This is all there is left to do! Filler er' up and enjoy your meal. Try not to do like I did and get more than you need then have to unbuckle your trousers to hold it all! It is so very good.

     If you try this or already have a special recipe of your own, please feel free to share it with us in the comments below. 

The Trimmings, The Bonus at the End

instant pot chicken

Enter your text here...

     We boil these in water on the stove top in a skillet for our pets. They love these treats.

     We only let them boil until all the red/pink is gone from the centers and that leaves them nice and tender for them! 

     I promise you, your pets will love you for this little extra effort. 

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