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German Fried Potatoes Recipes

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German fried Potatoes

We love Potatoes here at Back Roads Living. This German Fried Potatoes Recipes is a recipe we are going to have to try. It is a little different from our original fried potatoes we use here and I think it will become a dish we use on a regular basis. If you cook or prepare your own meals you will appreciate the ingredients and flavors this is going to create!

Ingredients for: German Fried Potatoes

  • 5 – 8 potatoes. (Raw or cooked) You can also add sweet potatoes to this mix. (Be your own chef)
  • 1/4 cup oil or butter OR 8 slices bacon, diced (Our picture is without the bacon)
  • 1 large onion, sliced.
  • salt, pepper to taste.

Note:This recipe allows you to use leftover baked potatoes

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Directions for: German Fried Potatoes

  1. Slice your potatoes into rounds, if pre baked thick slices work good and if raw thinner slices are in order.
  2. In a large skillet, heat the butter or oil, or if you are using bacon, fry bacon until golden brown. Remove bacon pieces and set aside bacon. Leave Bacon Grease in skillet and add potatoes.
  3. Fry for about 5 minutes before turning to allow potato slices to brown. Turn, adding your onions and continuing to gently turn as needed. Add more butter or oil if needed. If using raw potatoes, cover slightly while cooking to retain heat in skillet.
  4. After potatoes are browned (and tender if using raw potatoes), add reserved bacon, season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
  5. Serve immediately, makes about 4 – 6 servings.

Here are some other suggestions as potatoes are so versatile.

  • Just before serving, pour 4 slightly beaten raw eggs over potatoes, gently toss and allow to cook a few minutes until eggs are set. This is something we do with our leftover fried potatoes. This is a delicious meal. (Don’t do this if you use sweet potatoes)
  • Add fresh parsley and/or chives.
  • Add more or less onions, as desired. Chopped green onions, tops and bottoms are great.
  • Add some leftover meat pieces to the potatoes while they are cooking such as ham, beef, sausage, etc.

Be creative and make a wonderful meal.

We really enjoy fried potatoes of just about any kind and the item below looks like a good item to have a round if you eat  a lot of potatoes! 🙂



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Let us know how you make your German Fried Potatoes! 🙂

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